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More Complicated or More Simple?


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I'll make it short and sweet :)

I thought it would be interesting to put up this question. Now a game like CyberNations, should the game be if not already, more complicated, or more simple?

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if you want to move it, I'll vote for more complex...


a better thing is to add more pseudo randomness to all the calculations to make things less deterministic;

that would be better...esp in things like affect of infra, tech, money made per day, etc.

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More complicated, of course.

The game is interesting because of the community and the IC stuff.... but it's not incredibly awesome if you only have in mind what a person can do with his own nation or what he can do during a war with another nation.

And that's a pity... to add more stuff would make the game more interesting.

I.e, when the Spies arrived it was cool, same thing for the Navy... same thing for the new wonders... the more stuff, the better.

If I was Admin, I would include by far more features... What a person does with his own nation should be more interesting.

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I agree with both the above. More complexity is always good provided it doesn't favour significant time input which would penalize those with little free time like an RPG does, and also slightly more 'random'.

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Obviously, the simpler it is the easier it is for new nations which means for recruiting purposes simpler seems better. For larger nations like myself and many others, we're running out of things to do which is why we'd prefer it to be more complex as to entertain us and keep us busy. So you're either keeping old players or gaining new players, obviously neither option will fully eliminate the chance of a new person joining CN or an older nation leaving, but I believe it has a decent influence on it.

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A believe a good feature of some games is that it's easy to get into but difficult to master?

Right now, CN's nation building options are pretty damn limited-- there is a right way to play game set in stone. Pick this option for your nations positions, set our taxes to 28%, go with monarchy, blah, blah, blah.

When I first go into this game I was like cool! It uses google maps! Oh wait... it doesn't mean anything... It'd be interesting to see a more real-time kind of war system, instead of giving every one of our troops teleportation devices. Though I guess some people won't like the extra time involvement however.

Maybe a rock, paper, scissors system? People can specialize their armies-- it'd still be pretty simple as it is now; but there would be some more strategy involved.

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