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The Second Awakening

Imperator Azenquor

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-Vaule Parliament Building

Vaule News Update:


“The next session of the Vaule Parliament has been opened in an official ceremony held in the Parliament today. We now go live to the Parliament”-Newsreporter

[*Inside the Parliament*]

The Speaker of the Parliament steps to the podium, in front of a noticeably empty throne and speaks:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, by the Grace of Her Imperial Highness Marimeya I, Imperatrix of Vaule and the powers vested in me by the Constitution I hereby open the 103rd Parliament of the United Democratic Republic of Vaule. I present to you The Elected Representatives of the People of Vaule in Parliament Assembled.”-Speaker


A Presidential Guard Soldier in dress uniform walks into the Parliament:

“Presenting the President of the United Democratic Republic of Vaule, Yuri Rokossovsky”-Soldier.

President Rokossovsky walks to the Podium and begins his short speech:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Parliament of Vaule, I welcome you. Our nation’s Parliament has existed in one form or another for hundreds of years. I hope that this Parliament will continue to uphold the fine traditions of its predecessors, and will seek to live up to the mandate it was given by the people of Vaule.

I thank you.”-President Rokossovsky


One by one the Members of Parliament rise and walk toward the center of the room. Each of them bows in front of a golden sword then walks out of the Parliament. Once all of the members leave the Parliament, the President takes his seat, and the Senators enter the room.

The Senate Leader walks toward the podium and begins:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, by the Grace of Her Imperial Highness Marimeya I, Imperatrix of Vaule I hereby officially open the 5th Senate of the United Democratic Republic of Vaule. I present to you The Appointed Representatives of his Highness, the President and the Elected Representatives of the People of Vaule in the Senate Assembled. It is my honor…”

Meanwhile, on the Senate floor Lady Vache walks in and takes a seat near the back of the Senate next to Lord Petrov. The elderly Lord glanced at Lady Vache then spoke:

“Amazing…”-Lord Petrov

“What do you mean?”-Lady Vache

“They say that vampires can’t be seen in daylight, yet here you are…”-Lord Petrov

“You have not lost your charming sense of humor.”-Lady Vache

Lady Vache rose from her seat and walked towards the front of the Senate where she was stopped by a soldier:

“Ma’am, only persons who hold titles of nobility are permitted to be on the Senate floor at this time. May I direct you to the Public gallery, Ms Vache?”-Soldier.

While the Senate Leader continued his speech, clearly oblivious to anything happening around him, the rest of the Senate watched the exchange between Lady Vache and the soldier. Lady Vache smiled then responded:

“I am Lady Vache of Caledonia, and I go wherever I damn well please. If you do not remove yourself immediately, then I will remove you…piece by piece.”

Before the soldier could blink, she punched him in the face then said out loud:

“Oh dear, it seems that he’s fainted”-Lady Vache.

Lady Vache took a single step over the now unconscious soldier and walked to the front row where she took a seat next to the Foreign Minister Lt. Kharkov.

The Senate Leader concluded his speech:

“…I thank you”-Senate Leader.


Opposition leader Aleksandar Itzebegovic rose from his seat and walked toward the podium:

“Ladies and Gentlemen…”

Suddenly the lights in the Parliament building went off, plunging the proceedings into complete darkness. Seconds later, the lights returned, and Mr. Itzebegovic was on the ground, bleeding from a gunshot wound and draped in a red flag. VNN quickly cuts to commercial…


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***West Faron province, Vaule***

Zhukov Academy of Sciences

Students hurry through the crowed hallways of the Zhukov Academy moving in-between their classes. Two students heading to class walked by a strange looking man dressed as a janitor.

“That’s odd. Where’s the usual janitor?”-#1

“Who cares?”-#2

As they continued walking away, they paid no attention as the ‘janitor’ opened the storage closet to reveal large boxes of C-4 labeled as soap and floor cleaner. Muttering to himself, the janitor replies:

“Soon…Soon all of Vaule shall tremble in fear.”-Janitor


As students filed into the cafeteria for lunch, they noticed that the lunch room staff was behaving oddly. Once most of the students were in the cafeteria, the janitor and two of the lunch ladies locked and bolted the doors. As the students looked around dumbfounded, the lunch lady reached into a large pot of broccoli stew and pulled out a case. She opened the case and pulled out an AK-47 and replied:

“No one move”-Lunchlady

Suddenly the other cafeteria staff drew weapons and blocked the doorways, as the janitor wheeled in two large carts. Once he was at the front of the room, the janitor uncovered the carts to reveal tons of C-4 wired to a detonator.

The janitor announces into a megaphone: “We are the Real Mongolian Liberation Army! Until the government agrees to our demands, you will all be held here as hostages. I suggest that no one attempts to be a hero, as the explosives have multiple detonation triggers. Unnoticed by the terrorists, a student takes out her cellular phone and texts to 911:

“MLA. Terrorists @ Z.Academy. bomb help”

***On TV***

The newscaster was in the middle of the latest dreary stock report when the message came through. Although she was shocked, she quickly regained her composure and announced:

“We have received reports from West Faron province that the MLA terrorist group is holding 350 students hostage, and is threatening to blow up the building if their demands are not met. We now go live to our reporter on the scene.”-Newscaster

The feed cut to a reporter standing in front of a throng of angry parents trying to determine the fate of their children. Suddenly a siren wailed, and a rocket exploded less than twenty feet away from the reporter. The crowd suddenly ran for shelter, causing a small stampede in the process. Several other distant explosions were heard, then suddenly the cameraman dropped the camera as he and the reporter hurried away from another incoming missile.

***Vaule Central RADAR network***

A four-star General of the Army sat poring over the map of the region. He turns to one of his officers and replies:

“How soon until we can hit back?”

“We’ve been ordered to use air power only, and to show restraint. The President cannot afford to have an incident.”-Officer

“Unless you haven’t noticed, there has been an incident, and we need to respond. Order the nearest battle group to counter attack.”-General

“Aye sir. And if command disapproves?”-Officer

“Then tell them that they will have to fire me, because I will not sit by and permit this to happen.”-General

***South Faron Air Force Base***

Three Mi-24s take off and head towards the border region with Outer Mongolia. They received orders to neutralize the enemy targets “using any force necessary”

The first Mi-24 approached the first target, the pilot noticed that the target had moved himself next to the High speed rail track, as a passenger train neared the location. Hesitant the pilot sought confirmation:

“Base, target has moved near to Mag-Lev track. Requesting confirmation”

Before the base could reply, the target pulled out a weapon and fired a missile. The Mi-24 went down with a large explosion.

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***South Faron Military Base***

Regional military commanders ordered a massive buildup of forces in the area to launch an offensive. Large columns of soldiers, tanks and artillery are causing minor traffic jams along the roadways leading to the border region. In less than 72 hours, more than 20,000 soldiers were moved to the base and ordered to prepare for combat.



-Troops moving to the South Faron Base


-Troops at the base, with the Provincial Flag of Faron Province.

***News update***

The RMLA terrorists have published their list of demands:

“1) The immediate, unconditional independence of the Outer Mongolian-Buryat Autonomous region

2) The removal of all military units near the border with the region

3) The removal of the designation of the MLA as a terrorist organization

4) Payment for damages done to the region during Vaulian rule

They have said that unless their demands are met in 7 hours, the hostages will be killed. We were unable to reach the President for comment, however in a short televised statement, President Rokossovsky announced:


-President Rokossovsky

“Vaule does not negotiate with terrorists, Vaule destroys them. Should a single hostage be harmed, your movement will be made to regret the day they decided to form”-President Rokossovsky

The stand-off continues as soldiers have surrounded the school and are standing by for orders. We believe that the military may attempt to storm the building if the order is given.

We have unconfirmed reports that there have been additional rockets fired from the Faron border region towards the regional capital. The entire nation is holding its breath as the sun sets and the deadline is now only two hours away.

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A Nordlander stepped out of a small wooden shack somewhere within Vaule, he had an old but clean Black military uniform devoid of any insignias, the uniform was Nordlandic in base and of an older model, but every single insignia had been removed.

He overviewed a number of assembled troops and tanks, with a few more Nordlanders at his side.

"Alright. Lets do this. The Revolution begins NOW. The Revolutionary Army of Workers and Peasants shall emerge victorious over the forces of the State. Forwards!"

And the march started...

Force Summary:

Untrained rebels: ~15,000

Trained soldiers/Defected Officers: ~3,750

Special Ops: 50

Organization name: Outer Mongolian Liberation Army (MLA)

MLA Leader: Unknown operative known as “Buddha’s Shadow”


Weapons: AK-47

Rockets: Short Range Katyusha rockets

Fighter jets: MiG 21s * 10 (Commandeered from an airbase by supporters in the National Guard)

Tanks: T-55*20 (Commandeered by MLA supporters inside the National Guard)

AA: MANPADS: SA-7 Grail(*100), and SA-16 Gimlet (*100)

The initial deployments varied. 5000. Of the Rebels were in isolated areas, in separate groups, held back in order to be given training. The remainder 10k was pushed into action immediately, however, by the looks and uniforms they had, there was no telling they weren't professional. They were however a lower budget.

The T-55 tanks had been upgraded with Non Explosive Reactive Armor blocks, the Katyushas were placed on all kinds of vehicles. Forces had been prepared in advance, as such, the core was relatively spread out on the east, and small Liberation Forces would move elsewhere.

Defending Forces at MLA controlled territory:

50 Gimlet

50 Grail

5000 Militia (In Training Reserves)

5000 Militia Reservists

750 Professional Soldiers

400 Katyushas

MLA Liberation Forces:

20 T-55r (r for the uparmored versions)

50 Gimlet

50 Grail

3000 Professional Soldiers

10 MIG-21

200 Katyushas

5000 Militia Reservists

The Defending Forces had taken their time to organize extensive chamouflaging, had made underground tunnels for infantry support, stockpiled ammo, and basically fortified for guerilla warfare.

The Liberation Forces had a different task. They would defend more actively. They headed for an Army Depot, which included vehicles and tanks, and seeked to seize it. While this would normally be impossible, they had traitors infiltrated there. When the State Troops detected their advance, they'd find themselves backstabbed by around twenty traitors (Spec Ops), friendly fire in such a degree that it was supposed to cause chaos. This was combined with barrages of Katyusha Rockets, armor spearheading, and soldiers pushing ahead.

The place was also the largest prison complex in the country. Once the inmates realized what was going on, they started to mutiny, as many had been sent there due to the restrictive, unfair policies of the Government. This operation aimed to seize supplies, equipment, and be also a propaganda stunt.

Back to the hostage situation...

The Terrorists went on with their business. But then it appeared that the building was stormed by the Regular Army. This concluded in friendly fire incidents that ended up killing a number of civilians, and in an accidental fire. Even though the Terrorists didn't activate their explosives, in the end, 300 of the 350 civilians approximately would die as "collateral damage" from the operations of the Government. This would largely be seen as a massacre perpetrated by State Forces, rather than the terrorists.

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VNN News:

The hostage situation at the Zhukov Academy has had an unfortunate end with 300 deaths at the Academy. The government has vowed to bring those responsible to justice as soon as possible.

Imperial Head of Security Xenia Onnatapp has been placed in charge of the Vaulian military unit heading into Outer Mongolia to combat the terrorists, while Her Royal Highness Princess Azleya will personally command the Imperial Guard.


-Xenia Onnatapp


-Princess Azleya


***Military Deployment #1***


-General Map

Receiving the orders from command to go into the region, the 71st Division task force moved out of the South Faron Military base.

5,000 soldiers armed with M21S Assault Rifles cross the land border into the Outer Mongolian region. 10 VC-091Bs (based on the BTR-90) and 5 T-72s cross the border along with them. 500 Soldiers have set up a Border Defense Line (Green line) just inside of the border, in order to control the movement of people in and out of the region. Another group of 500 soldiers and 5 VC-091Bs move towards Ulan-Ude to set up a temporary defense line (yellow).

The forward military strike force, composed of the remaining 4000 soldiers break into two units: one with 3,000 soldiers, and the other with 1,000 soldiers. The 1,000 soldier unit heads to the south east (light blue arrow) to advance into enemy held territory, while the 3,000 soldiers and 5 T-72s head toward the regional capital Novaya Ulanbataar (Orange arrow).

***Central Caledonia Air Force Base (Classified)***

10 Army Mi-24 helicopters were moved out of their hangars and prepared for immediate take off. 3 Mi-28s were placed on standby by the Imperial Guard.

Not yet told what the operation was about, two of the Imperial Guard soldiers noticed two large crates that were placed next to their Mi-28s marked “Phodvait Blanga”*

“You think there going to have us use those?”- Soldier #1

“I doubt it. I’ve heard that they’re here just in case”-Soldier #2

The soldiers continued to pass the time in idle conversation waiting for orders from SWoRD Commander Zelin and Lady Vache.

*Phodvait Blanga—Vaulian military designation for White Phosphorus weapons.


Manchuria opens its borders to any refugee's from Outer Mongolia. But terrorists who wish to hide as refugee's be warned we won't let you live in our lands.

"While the government of Vaule appreciates the assistance offered by Manchuria, we maintain that no citizen of Vaule may leave the region at any time without an approved government permit regardless of their situation (OOC: Like I'm going to grant a permit XD). The Border police have been instructed to seal the border immediately."-Vaule Border Corps.

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The MLA managed to enjoy success in its operations so far, having captured a good number of vehicles and ammo. 19 T-72 tanks including 3 more which had been taken away for repairs, 4 APCs, many crates of ammo, 30 more Katyusha Rockets, and many small arms.

The Prison was stormed after the initial battle, the Prisoners were freed and it is estimated that 300 of them have decided to join the MLA, the rest are fugitive trying to flee the country. It was a success, so the Liberation Force left the places in shambles and hurriedly set it all aflame before the Regular Army could come to dispatch them.

The enemy Defensive Line would come under attack from small groups. The majority of these were homemade bombs and rocket bombs, resembling fireworks. Rarely, now and then, an actual Antitank Rocket was used against vehicles, generally against Tanks. The ill and unhealthy were used in this attack, as chances of survival after success were minimal, and the majority would be killed.

The Enemy Strike Force would be largely ignored, although it was pestered by these attacks, and typically their supply lines would be targetted to. Anyone who had anything distinguishing them as Officers, were targets for Snipers and Suicide Attackers. Some of these attackers were on trees, some on caves, some under the earth in improvised tunnels.

The part of the Enemy Force which was to strike into enemy territory was the one that got most of the attention. They were 1000 and relatively unsupported, the MLA waited for them to move farther away from the main army and then used the Liberation Army, which severely outnumbered the Enemy Force, to attack them. They advanced in three sectors and then enveloped, cut them off from their supply lines, en-masse katyusha bombarding was what happened first, then a massive Infantry Offensive supported by scattered Tanks was sent forth to overwhelm the isolated Enemy Forces. It had been an ambush.

The MLA Defending Forces mobilized and shifted to remain as Reserves for this battle, if the enemy force there did too well, they'd reinforce. If other army units wanted to try to save the enemy from its destruction, then the MLA Defending Forces would try to prevent this. But for now, they were simply waiting.

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A single T-72 was destroyed in the sporadic attacks, while two were moderately damaged. 4 soldiers are conformed to be dead, 9 are injured. 100 troops and 3 VA-774s (Based on the TOS-1) have moved to reinforce the Green Line (Defense Zone). Whenever MLA units attacked the defense line, soldiers responded with artillery and machine gun fire. Snipers in the area were ordered to shoot to kill.

Once Military HQ learnt of the prison break, orders were dispatched to the other two government controlled prisons in the region to execute all prisoners on death row. The two remaining arms depots in the region received orders to disable all old military equipment and standby for further orders. The Citizen Regional Database was immediately updated with the names of prisoners who were held at the facility and updates sent to the border police, as well as the military.

The strike force, despite the ambush held their ground and shot at anything that moved. Taken by surprise, they were clearly outnumbered but were determined to fight to the death. Those not killed in the initial bombardment, spread out from the main column and fought as long as they could. As the dust settled 989 soldiers were dead and the remaining forces either surrendered or committed suicide.

Shocked at the ferocity and organization of the MLA strikes, the military decided to change strategy. A 22-hour curfew was imposed across the province. All movement of civilians is banned except from 11:00 am to 1:00pm.

***4:10 am***

10 Vaule Air Force MiG 35s and 3 Tu-160 take off from South Faron Military base and head towards the region as quickly as possible. Once they are across the border, five of the MiG 35s break off and receive their orders.

***Air Force Valiant Div orders***

Bomb every usable runway and Military storage depot in Outer Mongolia, except for the Novaya Ulanbataar International airport. All other civilian and military airports are to be bombed without exception. Avoid extensive civilian casualties.

(Valiant Divison = 7 MiG 35s)

***Legion Div Orders***

Hit economic and political targets. The Chita Oil Refinery, the VPC Power station, Outer Mongolia Radio Broadcasting equipment (pro-MLA stations), Oil storage Depots. Discretion granted to hit enemy forces.

(Legion division = 3MiG 35s and 2 Tu-160s)

***Viper Division***

Remain on the ground at Faron military base for confirmation. You will be ordered to bomb enemy targets ahead of a ground offensive.

(10 Mi-24s, 3 Mi-28s based at the South Faron Military base)

***Highly Classified (Not even the Army know)***

SWoRD Commander Zelin issues a list of people known to be in the MLA, as well as a number of Financial backers of the movement. Highly trained operatives are instructed that "if the opportunity to assassinate or apprehend any of the following people arises, apprehend. If they are judged as not having vital information, assassinate. If possible make it appear to be an accident. You may take Latitude with Constitutional Legality and Vaulian Law."


The military establishes additional supply lines across Lake Baikal, guarded by the River Flotilla (Coast Guard vessels commandeered by the military)

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The operation was another success. The MLA offensive could not afford to take prisoners however, so instead they stripped them of their equipment and left them tied up before leaving the area, leaving it up to the Government to rescue them. The MLA had suffered approximately 200 casualties, which was very little compared to the damage inflicted, without counting the fact that some pieces of equipment were captured. The MLA offensive seemed to scatter to the four winds before the enemy could counterattack, dissipating and going back to standard Guerilla operations.

Everything of any use in MLA's territory seemed to be getting bombed. 100% of MLA's Air Defence and the MIGs it had were mobilized to try to counter this threat, spreading themselves out and shooting down enemy aircraft just about everywhere. The main thing was to let the enemy know that no spot would be safe. The primary target of MLA's MIGs were the Legion Division, as they were smaller and alone. Viper Division was the primary target for the Ground AA forces.

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***Legion Division***

When they came under fire from the ground targets, the three MiGs broke away from the two Tu-160s. The first Tu-160 turned to head back towards Faron province, while the second began a bombing run against enemy AA positions. The first MiG that was at a lower altitude was hit by a ground launched missile and crashed as the pilot ejected. The other two MiGs suddenly climbed upwards increasing altitude.

The two MiGs detected incoming enemy fighters, and fired their AA-10s (4 in total) before executing a rapid Split-S and disengaging at top speed. The pilots hoped that any of the enemy MiGs that managed to avoid the AA-10s wouldn’t follow them.

***Valiant division***

After successfully bombing 3 of the 5 usable runways across the province, the Valiant group came under heavy fire from ground based MANPADs. 2 MiGs were downed before the pilots could eject, the other 3 climbed above 7,000 meters and moved to engage the MiG 21s following the remainder of Legion division while the last 2 MiGs attempted to bomb some of the ground targets and were shot down in the process.


The Vaulian military has arrived in Novaya Ulanbataar and has moved into the city center. The government has publicly declared a unilateral cease-fire on all Vaule Air Force and Ground Force operations in the province pending a review. The troops in the region have permission to defend themselves, but have been told to scrap planned offensives for the time being.

***Imperial Palace***

After confirmation came through that the MLA had an active air force, HRH Princess Azleya ordered the Imperial Guard to standby for further instructions. With the Army on standby, she quickly signed the necessary authorizations to begin Operation Rain of Fire.

As she stared out the palace window, she said out loud:

"You're move"



15 Mi-28s at the South Faron Military base are armed with White Phosphorus weapons and put on standby, by the Imperial Guard. 15 Mi-24s are armed with regular ordinances and moved to ready status.

10 F-22s land at the Military base and are moved into hangars at the base by the Imperial Guard Forces. 37 Vishnu missiles are transported to Listvyanka in camouflaged civilian transports. Upon the arrival of the Vishnu's they are placed in nearby warehouses under military guard.

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MLA's MiGs seemed to have done well in taking down some of those enemies as described. One of them shot off a missile to one of the retreating Tupolevs before MLA's air force would retreat under the cover of the AA, which itself had sustained some casualties. MLA didn't have much of an airforce so it was content having destroy a few million worth of equipment and pulling back before the State can repay the favor.

The new actions of the Government seemed to turn more people in favor of MLA, it did also turn more people in favor of the Government proper, however.

Using the Internet and a captured Radio station, a message was sent to the Government, the Country and the World:

"I am speaking in behalf of the Mongol Liberation Army. We are the army of the so-called Outer Mongolia Autonomous Region. You may not be aware of this, but we have recently began an armed campaign for our independence against Value's oppression. Our request is simple. We wish to be a country on our own. With this goal we will fight but we take this chance to offer the Government a peaceful way out. We do not normally believe in diplomacy, because we know that our enemy does not believe in it themselves, but yet we wish to show the world that we intend on being civilized. Should the Government not grant us complete freedom we will have no option but to fight until their spirits break, their hearts sink and their graves fill up."

Military operations after that, seemed to be minimal. New recruits were introduced, and newly trained troops were deployed. It was impossible to locate where MLA itself was however, because it seemed to be everywhere. Hidden, in tunnels, in caves, chamouflaged, scattered, they waited for the next offensive. Approximately once per day a Katyusha would be shot from afar towards the passive Government troops, to remind them what would happen when they chose to move forwards again.

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"The Hostages were killed by the Government, not us. Besides, the units that did the hostage itself did so without the consent of the Commanders of the MLA. We do not like what they did, but that does not make it our fault."

"If it is truly not your fault for starting that situation, then you cannot blame the Vaulian government for all the wrongs you perceive them as having committed. this seems to be a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing--in both cases, the Vaulian government AND yours."

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Vaule Government announcement:

The government of Vaule has negotiated a number of agreements with the moderate leadership of the region. These agreements have all fallen through due to a lack of political will to uphold the agreement on the part of the Outer Mongolian autonomous government. The local government refused to disarm the very terrorists that are once again attacking the state. Vaule’s military had, until the time of the hostage taking, been conducting precision strikes against known MLA targets. We delivered a number of ultimatums to the regional government to disarm the militia, but they clearly have failed to do so. The militia has also acquired a small air force, by what can only be described as the complicit co-operation of the regional government.

We were then forced to intervene on a much larger scale to face a group that has managed to re-form, re-organize and become much better armed than before. As with any responsible army, we are attempting to avoid civilian casualties at all costs. We cannot sit back as a group of armed terrorists forces their will upon the region and the nation at large. The MLA needs to understand that they do not represent everyone in the province, and they are the source of a number of the region’s problems. They complain about the lack of government funding going into the region, yet they do not acknowledge the fact that the government and business community are hesitant to invest any of their hard earned cash into a region that has an armed force acting to circumvent the central government.

We have declared a unilateral cease-fire, yet we are still under rocket attack from the MLA. Are we expected to sit back and permit this to continue? Absolutely not. We will maintain the cease fire, even if the MLA does not comply. However it must be noted that sooner or later we will need to respond.

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"It is really simple. All you have to do is allow Outer Mongolia to be an independent state on its own, and this will be all over. If you do that, you'll never hear from us and our bombs again. We wish to be left alone and we wish to be sovereign and free. There's only two possible outcomes, either you allow us our freedom, or we fight. You know you could end this in literally ten minutes by signing some paper stating our freedom. You have the power to end this."

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"It is really simple. All you have to do is allow Outer Mongolia to be an independent state on its own, and this will be all over. If you do that, you'll never hear from us and our bombs again. We wish to be left alone and we wish to be sovereign and free. There's only two possible outcomes, either you allow us our freedom, or we fight. You know you could end this in literally ten minutes by signing some paper stating our freedom. You have the power to end this."

The Outer Mongolian-Buryat Autonomous province has never been a sovereign entity. We already signed an agreement granting the province a significant level of autonomy, it was this autonomous government that failed to deliver on their end of the proposal. We will not be responsible for unleashing a state run by terrorists onto the world. The choice is clear. The MLA can either disarm and permit the moderate leadership of the province to attempt to salvage the previous accords that granted the region autonomy, or they can fight a long war that will be costly for them. Even as we have halted operations, we are hit with rockets. We urge the MLA to take this olive branch, for we will not offer another.

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Operation Reign of Fire

8,000 Vaulian troops cross the border into Outer Mongolia bolstering the troops already there to 12,000. 20 Mi-24s and 10 Mi 28s are armed and put on standby in South Faron. 10 MiG 35s are armed with Air to Air and Air to Ground weaponry and put on standby at the same base. 5 Su 35s are armed with Air to Ground weapons and were given initial orders to take off. 10 T-90s and 5 VA-774s (TOS-1s) are moved through the green line into pro-government territory. 3 UAV’s are launched from outside of Ulan-Ude towards MLA held territory.

***3:00am Gov’t held territory***

5 of the Vishnus in Listvyanka (other side of Lake Baikal, just outside of Outer Mongolia) are launched at military targets east of Novaya Ulanbataar (into MLA held territory as far from large population centers as possible). As soon as 1000 (of the 8000) soldiers arrive in Novaya Ulanbataar, the second phase begins.

***4:30 am North-west of Chita***

2 Vaule UAVs scout the area and fire short range air to ground missiles at any MLA ground forces and Katyusha launchers spotted during the initial sweep. Immediately afterward, the 10 Mi 28s begin a massive attack on enemy ground positions, or possible enemy targets in the area. The minute anti-air missiles were fired by MLA ground troops, the Mi-28 group would be ordered back to Ulan-ude and the Su-35s would begin high-altitude bombing against the ground targets, protected in the air by the MiG 35s.

The 3000 soldiers and 5 T-72s sent to Novaya Ulanbataar (previously) would be joined by 2000 additional troops and would sweep through enemy territory to take Chita and the territory immediately adjacent, immediately after the air assault was halted. (*There are now only the 1000 troops that just arrived in Novaya Ulanbataar) The 5 VA-774s (TOS-1s) would be used to bomb the outskirts of Chita (mainly in the directions opposite to the ones I'm advancing from) to keep enemy ground forces from advancing to assist their other units.

The objective was simple, by holding Chita and the surrounding territory, the government would be able to connect the pro-government exclave to the western areas and practically cleave MLA held territory into two. The hope was to divert some MLA forces to defend their territory east of Novaya Ulanbataar, and weaken the defenses near Chita. Due to the force employed in both offensives, it would be impossible to tell (especially at night) which was the real objective.

(OOC: Missile trajectories will appear shortly.)

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"Look at yourselves. You're attacking even before we are able to reply. You would be drowning by now if hypocresy was water. Let us fight."

The enemy advanced towards Chita. There, they were not able to find much. The Katyushas that they thought were destroying for the most part were either decoys or a few broken vehicles, though a few scattered soldiers were left here and there to reply with rocket and machinegun fire. The enemy advanced towards Chita wasting firepower and only mildly impeeded, by minimal forces. That was when the true operations began.

Operation Ironworks

The ceasefire and the other delaying operations MLA had conducted had given enough time for forces to be to some degree more properly trained, for the construction of new weapons, organization and mobilization. While the enemy had gathered the majority of their power at their traditional areas, MLA had gathered most of what they had on the north. On the north of Novaya Ulanbataar. Novaya Ulanbataar would be the target of the offensive, the enemy would be struck in the back.

Army Group Temujin

(Note that the Forces include captured vehicles)

25 T-55r

70 Gimlet

70 Grail

3000 Professional Soldiers

10 MIG-21

450 Katyushas

9000 Trained Rebels (Some with proper combat experience)

250 Transport Vehicles (Civilian vehicles with improvised armor)

50 Improvised Fighting Vehicles (They either serve as APCs or have been fitted with recoilless Antitank rifles, or heavy machineguns)

25 Recon Bikes

Reserves: (Not deployed to battle yet. New numbers account for new rebels.)

500 Professional Soldiers

7000 Rebels in Training

30 Gimlet

30 Grail

150 Katyushas

10 MiGs

The attack was simple. AGT quickly advanced towards its target, its formations being a lot faster than one would expect from rebels, since all the vehicles were being used to transport the soldiers towards the battle. Quickly dismounting once within range, actual combat began, things would be close, and city combat. If enemy troops rushed to try and defend the cities, the Katyushas would begin their ominous firing. If planes came, the AA would get them. AA generally was held close to the Katyushas, as they may otherwise be specially vulnerable. Still, everyone tried to fight in a mostly compact group so not to get picked off individually.

As most of the army was heading south to invade, little resistance was expected at first, until the large forces turned around, but in spite of this, bikes with radios were being used to serve as scouts to warn in advance from any potential ambushes.

In Ulanbataar, things were mixed. Some were glad and outright thrilled that MLA was coming to liberate them, others just would panic and try to run away from what would become a battlefield very soon.

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