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UBD Announcement

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Today I am proud to represent the government of the United Blue Directorate as they welcome a new alliance into planet bob. UBD itself grew from a humble background with only one main source of aid and now has over 100 members and over 1 million strength. We hope that with our support and guidance the same can be achieved for this new alliance.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to declare the existence of the Blue Bear Wardship (BBW) and to give my blessing to its first government:


Hair Bear - Grand Duke

Combat Pope - Duke

Helghast Reich - Duke

As all former UBD members I am sure of their success, as they share the same drive and determination of the rest of us UBD'ers.

And to put the icing on the already rather tasty cake I'd like to take this opportunity to declare that UBD has agreed to provide protection to the fledgling membership of BBW in the following agreement:

The United Blue Directorate Declaration of Protection for the Blue Bear Wardship


As long standing global citizens of Planet Bob, the United Blue Directorate (UBD) recognises and welcomes the new alliance of the Blue Bear Wardship (BBW) to these realms and extends a hand of friendship to this fledgling community. It is in the spirit of friendship and peace that the UBD offers its protection to BBW so that its members may prosper and bring success to both alliances.

Article I – Sovereignty

The UBD recognises the independent state of BBW and the legitimacy of its current leaders. The UBD will not recognise those who claim to lead BBW if it is not in line with the current charter of this alliance and pledge to support the legitimate leaders throughout their reign.

In the same way, it is expected that BBW will acknowledge the authority of the leaders of the UBD in accordance with their charter and will defer to their decisions within the limits of this protectorate agreement.

This document affirms that both alliances are indeed separate and hold their own sovereignty, but that each alliance may support and uphold the sovereign leaders of the other.

Article II – Peace

Let it be known that for the duration of this protectorate no member of the UBD or BBW will declare war on another without appropriate sanctions from each of the signatory governments or their incumbents. Those that violate this treaty will be punished by any means possible including economic and military sanctions, not limited to the indefinite destruction of their nation.

Article III – Information

To uphold the standing of each alliance and ensure the collective security of the signatories of this agreement this document authorises the sharing of information between both alliances in public and in private concerning the internal and external affairs of the alliances. This is especially emphasised by the special relationship of protector and protectorate where any information, sensitive, valuable or otherwise should always be passed to the protector to ensure the security of both sovereign states.

Article IV – Foreign Diplomacy

As part of this agreement the UBD pledges diplomatic support to BBW for the duration of this treaty. The UBD shall appoint a Consulate General to BBW who will oversee the compliance of the following terms by the protectorate alliance:

i)The UBD and its representatives shall monitor and enforce sanctions against rogue nations who attack BBW. This includes contacting the offender’s alliance and organising attacks on the offender if appropriate.

ii)The UBD and its representatives shall be made aware of all foreign diplomacy carried out between BBW and its ambassadors including sensitive information that is passed to the government of BBW

iii)The UBD will also have veto power over every treaty, excluding this agreement, and may stop BBW from signing a treaty or any other legal document with foreign powers

iv)The UBD may advise and enforce the signing of a treaty with a foreign power as long as no mandatory aggression or defensive clauses are present within it.

v)The UBD is the only authority that can authorise an aggressive war with any other alliance. BBW must submit to the decision of the UBD government or its incumbents.

Article V – Military

Let it be known that any attack on BBW is considered an attack on the UBD and the UBD reserves the right to activate its defensive treaties to deal with any threat to BBW. However, if the government of UBD finds that BBW has provoked a declaration of war then it is not obliged to provide any support whatsoever to the alliance.

Any aggressive wars declared by BBW, after complying with aforementioned terms, will be supported by the UBD and its allies who are tied by aggression pacts.

The government of BBW is not obliged to aid UBD in aggressive wars against foreign powers but if requested is strongly encouraged to do so to ensure it’s own security. Similarly in any defensive wars the government of BBW is again not obliged to provide military aid to the UBD but is strongly encouraged to do so in all circumstances without being asked.

Article VI – Financial Aid

As part of a program to stimulate growth in BBW the UBD will allow a specified amount of BBW members to be in receipt of financial boosting bonuses similar to those offered to UBD members. The UBD will also accept requests for aid to help with recruitment and rewards within BBW, as negotiated by each government. Let it be clear that BBW may not demand a specific amount of financial support from UBD using the terms of this agreement for justification. The responsibility for specifying amounts of aid to BBW lies in the hands of the government of UBD, specifically the Directorate Bank.

Article VII – Technology Trading

To stimulate mutual growth in both BBW and UBD this treaty demands that both alliances comply with the following regulations regarding tech deals.

i)This agreement recognises the right of BBW to cater for its own members. Hence if the maximum output of technology by BBW is not sufficient to meet the needs of its own members then no technology need be transferred to UBD.

ii)If the maximum output of technology for BBW exceeds the needs of its members then this technology must be exported to UBD.

iii)If the UBD does not require the surplus technology of BBW then it may advise the government of BBW on where the technology would be appreciated and recommend an ally or bloc to buy it.

The maximum output of BBW will be calculated by the Directorate Bank who holds the authority to enforce this particular article. This calculation may only be based on 3 aid slots of members of BBW who would qualify for tech dealing in UBD.

Article VIII – Resource Trading

The UBD pledges to help members of BBW find appropriate resources for their nation through channels that UBD members have the opportunity to access. This may be done on the BBW member’s behalf by a trade official of the UBD. The UBD is not obliged to any time scale or expected results regarding this article.

Article IX - Senate Candidacy

The security of both of these alliances from rogue nations depends upon a safe holding of the blue team senate seat in the hands of our allies. Therefore, this treaty demands that BBW members all vote for the senate candidate as prescribed by the UBD.

Article X - Sanctions

If one of these articles are broken then this will count as a valid reason for the UBD to initiate the cancellation of this treaty. If there gross negligence to this legal document or unacceptable behaviour on the part of BBW then the UBD can not only demand that this treaty be cancelled in line with article XII but that any amount up to the total paid to BBW since the signing of the treaty must be paid or taken by force.

Article XI – The Extent of this Agreement

To ensure the security and prosperity of BBW both alliances agree to uphold the terms of this treaty until the protectorate reaches and sustains a level of 500,000 strength according to the cyber nations statistics page for the alliance BBW for 28 days. After this it is mandatory for the alliance of BBW to agree to an aggressive pact with UBD as recompense for the effort of protecting and aiding this fledgling alliance.

Article XII – Cancellation

Only the government of the UBD has the authority to cancel this treaty outright. If they choose to do so they must uphold the terms of this treaty for 10 days after a public cancellation. They must also provide a valid reason to the government of BBW before the cancellation is publically announced.

Signed for the United Blue Directorate

Slybomber - Director General

Russell07 - Director of External Affairs

GrimCity - Director of Membership

Lyons - Director of Internal Affairs

Mdnss69 - Director of Communications

Signed for the Blue Bear Wardship:

Hair Bear - Grand Duke

Combat Pope - Duke

Helghast Reich - Duke

Many thanks to the government of BBW for being so committed to this agreement.


Director of External Affairs


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