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I think the number of votes required for team senators needs to be reduced. Right now, brown team only has 25 nations, this means that every single brown team member would need to vote in order to get a senator. I think it should be reduced to a floor of 10 votes to better represent the smaller community in TE.

I also think the waiting to be able to vote needs to be removed. People should be able to run as soon as the round starts rather than waiting... Don't really see the point of making them wait.



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they've allowed voting after 5 days but you still need 25 votes for team messages and 30 for trade sanctions.

I know I put sanctions on people before 30, and IIRC it was at like 21 votes that I did it. So maybe 20 votes ? I just guessed at 15 cause I thought they may have cut it in half

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Because you can vote 3 times in the space of the 15 day cycle, then effectively a nation only needs 10 people to vote for it to obtain sanction powers (correct me if im wrong). Thus reducing the votes needed, without actually reducing the votes needed :P

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