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The CN Forums is going to get FUCN LOUD...


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Well, it's about time we get this up...

Not Another FUCN Treaty…

Ever since the Federation of Unified Confederate Nations formed, LOUD and FUCN have had a pleasant relationship, trolling each other’s channels, throwing water balloons, and all that fun stuff. After a long period of laziness and a presidential election, we’ve finally gotten around to writing this down.

Article I Information

LOUD and FUCN hereby swear to use the same filing cabinet for all of our folders, and to read each other’s files when they’re not around. We also promise to shmooz and gossip about people behind their backs, unless one of us pleads the 5th.

Article II Embezzlement

LOUD and FUCN hereby swear to share traveler’s checks if one of us loses their wallet, gets it stolen, or owes some guy named ‘Jimmy’ a lot of money at the tables.

Article III Lawn Patrol

LOUD and FUCN hereby swear to help each other keep pesky kids off their lawns, except for when the ice cream man comes by. Then we promise to buy ice cream together, chase the kids off our lawn and then enjoy the ice cream on a few lawn chairs under the sun. With an umbrella. And Lemonade.

Article IV Fences

LOUD and FUCN hereby swear not to build a fence between each other, so we can always come over for bon fires, hot tub adventures and pool parties in the back yard. In accordance with that, we promise to play nice and not let our dogs poop in the other’s lawn. If we do let the dogs poop in the other’s lawn, we then promise to clean it up.

Article V Cubicles

If LOUD or FUCN decide that they want to break their cubicles off, build a fence, use a different filing cabinet or hoard their traveler’s checks, they must give public notice via a large cardboard sign, at least 48 hours before hand, so we can change our weekend plans.



Prime Minister - TheChosenOne

Grand Vizier - Draeg

High Chancellor - HeRo1

Imperial Commisar - Stagger Lee


The Nanjiakage - Ajna Sahasarara

Secretary of Foreign Affairs - BonDalder

Secretary of Defense - Straightupnobull

Secretary of The People - Moufassa

Secretary of Commerce - Lockdown1253

Secretary for the Advancement of the Alliance - Ballooga

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FUCN awesome. Sorry, had to say it.
This announcement FUCN sucks.
LOUD, this is a FUCN awesome treaty!

There, I said it too!

That's a FUCN painful pun there, guys. :(

Also, congrats. :P

i sense a long, long future of puns involving FUCN or LOUD


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