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The Righteous Times VI


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The Righteous Times

This paper is part of...


Editor-in-Chief: King Vences

Righteous wRiter: NeCoHo

Righteous wRiter: Quiz

Righteous wRiter: Rach86

Righteous wRiter: El Pilchinator (Resigned)

Visual Media Team: Sithis

Fighting Evil By Moonlight: Tuxedo Mask


What's that ? Oh, its Duckroll !

Just recently, Planet Bob just became a whole lot more interesting. TORN, IRON, Valhalla, and ML sign the Duckroll Project, a cooperative military group bent on world domination domination of everything. It was greeted with a glorious rain of hails, rightfully so. This is a true giant leap for cybermankind. I couldn't put it any better than the following quotes. I couldn't get in full contact with ML, so no quote from them.

"The Duckroll Project marks a new standard for inter-alliance military cooperation. IRON is very excited about this project and sees it as an incredible opportunity to maximize the $@!-kicking abilities of the involved alliances. Naturally, all of the alliances are already experts in the area of winning wars, and by putting our expertise and resources together, any weaknesses or gaps that one alliance may have can be filled by another more or less seamlessly, presenting one solid behemoth. The stats are impressive, the alliances are even more impressive. Each of us brings something different to the table, and the Duckroll Project is something which other alliances will envy, respect, and fear. In other words, we win."

-Heft, Ex-President of IRON.

"Valhalla is extremely happy to be part of such an epic coordination of military and friendship between these alliances. We are very happy to be able to all pool our resources and unite as one to help defend our friends and allies to the best of our abilities in a cohesive and coordinated fighting force built on trust and friendship."

-chefjoe, Regent of Valhalla.

"We've always had some kickass allies, and have had the pleasure of some seriously effective war coordination. This is just taking it a step further to see how big we can scale our ability to fight well and make all our enemies lament for their fallen pixels. Valhalla was one of the founders of the Duckroll against IAA. They're also one of our oldest allies, so they were a natural fit. Molon Labe are a bunch of f****** insane gun nuts. They value their infra somewhere below communism. IRON sucks and I hate them. They're also our oldest allies, underestimated, and really, really big. Also, I'd just like to give a shout out to my homie. Sup Krug! I know you suck, but we love you!"

-bigwoody, Emperor of TORN.

Well there you have it folks. The future of CN...is in OUR hands now !

--- King Vences, Editor-in-Chief


Peace works...with nukes.

Well, its been almost an entire year since the Woodstock Massacre, a large-scale war that ended up in the severe weakening of the GPA. When GPA surrendered, they were presented with a list of surrender terms, as are most other alliances. One of these terms is the revoking of nuclear weapon rights. This term has recently been canceled, and GPA is free to own as many nukes as they want to. To celebrate, many nations across Planet Bob released a peace dove...and then nuked it. Oh what a wonderful world we live in. Good luck GPA, may your pixels be packed full of uranium.

--- King Vences, Editor-in-Chief.


Rise Against... then Rise Again.

The recent resurgence of the Mushroom Kingdom and the New Polar Order have been events which have shook Planet Bob in recent weeks. Both alliances were defeated in war, and both had been enthralled with harsh restrictions and deep reparation payments. MK paid 82,000 tech, while NpO paid 100,000 tech. Now that all this tech has been repaid, and both alliances are independent and free to make mischief in any which way they please. Without a doubt, these alliances have continued to add the extra flavors which make Planet Bob such a sweet succulent cake, filled with all sort of delicious flavors. But aside from making cake analogies, there is a purpose to this article.

Mushroom Kingdom is still under a single restraint from its surrender terms. The MK is still disallowed nukes (and will be for about another month), however, this is a small price compared to the large amount of tech they paid out in return for giving one of the largest bloody noses to the entire Planet in the history of Bob. Not only that, but the Mushroom Kingdom, on the same day of its freedom, had a PEACE signed with TORN, which had eventually grown to a MDoAP. Born out of battle, the friendship is one which will hopefully last long into the future, and hopefully lead to MK coming out victorious the next time they even decide to let loose the dogs of war. But this alliance, which could have just as easily come out as a pariah, had a successful transition back in to the treaty web. Why is this? It could be justified as a way to ensure lines be drawn a certain way, as in, those who get there first, get a new ally, and potentially, a new resource to scare off others to starting a war, or it could have simply have meant that Planet Bob has grown and moved on, accepting the MK into its bosom once again. Within a month, there was a MDP with Siberian Tiger Alliance, and, astonishingly, a Pact with the New Pacific Order to maintain the CN Radio, which can be heard of right here: -- -- MK’s ascendance to this role is a true sign of growth and friendship between these two former enemies.

When looking at the New Polar Order, one can find much in the same as when MK took its place back in the realm of Planet Bob, if not to an even greater scale. NpO, once a sanctioned alliance, and now, once again, a sanctioned alliance, has seen growth unprecedented almost anywhere else. On January 4th (4 days before their surrender terms were over) NpO had regained sanctioned status on Bob. Having paid the largest amount of tech any alliance has ever been forced to, it is a testament to the will and skill of the members of NpO to have done this, and the things which have followed. Much like a wedding cake, layer upon layer of good things were to happen to NpO soon after their ascendance back into the top alliances of CN. A MDP with the Siberian Tiger Alliance, an ODAP with Valhalla, a MDoAP with Nueva Vida, and, with great admiration, with New Pacific Order. What this means for the New Polar Order is that that have completely assimilated back into the ranks of CN’s alliances, and they did so with quickness comparable to one large man getting 10 minutes alone in the closet with a cake. NpO has emerged better off than before the start of the war, which is certain. Some may wonder what this also means for the world, and to be frank, one cannot predict with certainty that anything at all will happen, and that may well be a good thing, for now.

--- NeCoHo, Righteous Intern.


Not The Final Countdown

On the 6th of January, 2006, Admin created the Cyberverse.

One week later, the Cross-Atlantic Treaty Organization, CATO, entered the world stage. In the three years since, they have not left.

Renamed the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization shortly after founding, GATO celebrated its third birthday to much applause and many well-wishers on January 13th, 2009.

Assembly Chairman MTTezla marked the occasion with a few brief remarks of his own, recounting the role that GATO has played on Planet Bob since its formation. The oldest alliance has fought in a multitude wars, from the very first war with INC, each Great War, in addition to the Unjust War and the One Vision War. Yet it has remained the mainstay of the Brown Team, without fail, since its inception. The alliance had previously been placed under Pacifican Viceroy Z'ha'dum, survived a coup attempt, and general disbelief that a democracy could work on Planet Bob.

Yet MTTezla was quick to deflect praise away from him and his government, instead choosing to focus on GATO's membership as a whole, the Great Assembly. It was this membership, he said, that has stuck by the alliance, through the good and the bad, and has made it what it is today. He concluded his remarks with two brief 'interviews', past and present government members who outlined their reasoning for joining the alliance.

The responses from the rulers of the Cyberverse were ones of happiness, despite some being surprised. GATO has weathered arguably the greatest odds that any alliance has had to face in its history. Even when the rest of the Cyberverse disagreed, even when violence was used against the alliance, GATO has stuck to its principles of democracy and honor through them all. The membership and government all deserve to truly celebrate, and look forward to the next year to bring what it will. They are certain, after the trials of their past, that they will not only survive, but flourish.

--- El Pilchinator, Righteous wRiter.

Righteous News

Sup, KFG ?

Our glorious regent has returned from his quest to the enchanted forest, and has been enlightened. A few months back, KungFuGeeks took a break from CN to deal with other issues, but couldn't resist dropping by IRC one day and saying hello...and thats where the evil grasp of CN returned to haunt him. He went from just wanting to say hello to retaking control over his nation and government position in TORN. Here is what he had to say:

-"Well, I left for RL reasons. Something bad happened to somebody close and I really didnt have time for CN. I came back because, well....Nobody ever really leaves CN. Once it has you, it never lets go. As far as plans in TORN, I just want to blow stuff up so I hope that all the CN drama comes to a head again sometime soon. I honestly wasn't all that surprised [at my readmission]. TORN is a good group of people and I have never felt more at home in any other alliance. I was a little shocked when I realized that my nation had been raided by TORN...Of course, I did tell my nation sitter to kill my nation. - KungFuGeeks, Regent of TORN"-

--- King Vences, Editor-in-Chief.


February Council Announced

That's right ladies and gents, the new TORN council has been announced...with extra pink, flowers, love, and other things that we men highly dislike. The vote was unanimous. HannaH, April, and Quinoa Rex will form the new elite all-female council body. We also purchased skin tight shiny leather suits for each to wear while they are in the council. The government expressed their horror with changing the skin of the TORN boards into a pink, lovey dovey Valentine's day tragedy.

--- King Vences, Editor-in-Chief.



ARES signs Protectorate with Sons of Chaos

NpO signs MDoAP with Genesis

TPF signs ODP with Invicta

NADC cancels treaty with TGE

UPN signs ODP with TP

LoSS signs PEACE with Zenith

NADC signs ODP with Zenith

NpO signs MDP with ARES

IRON signs ToA with Argent



Feature Articles

Special Guest Interview

RyanGDI is a leader of a small Alliance named after a Command & Conqueror faction everyone who played the game is familiar with. The Global Defense Initiative is a 19 member alliance with a total Nation Strength of roughly 80,000, and an average Nation Strength of about 4,300. Recently, with the advent of The Christmas War, this alliance has taken the spot light, and suffered due to it. Seeking answers to questions posed by denizens of Bob, the TORN Press Corps investigated. The following is an interview with RyanGDI:

TORN Press: What is your personal opinion on micro alliances? What role do they play on Planet Bob?

RyanGDI: To start, micro-alliances are the start of any alliance in CyberNations, good or bad, large or small...Generally the alliances that succeed are being run by people who know what they're doing, with months (if not years) of prior experience before beginning. On the other hand, poor alliances are run, evidently enough, by individuals with either no or very limited prior experience in CN. As I said earlier, anything can be made out of a micro-alliance, to the joke incident of the Baltic Annex "Alliance", to even NPO itself. But for the opinion of micro-alliances and global politics, as far as military power goes, unless allied micro-alliances unite together for a common cause (such as CoMA), mircos have very little physical influence on any form of notable international politics.

TORN Press: Now, there has been a lot of controversy over the name of the conflict which started on December 24th. If you could go back in time, would you rename it?

RyanGDI: I wouldn't really name it anything, except for perhaps the "WMC-UNSC War", or the "Allied Forces-UNSC War" in the event that I would've led the assault and coordinated the war.

TORN Press: Who came up with the name?

RyanGDI: The whole story behind UNSC is actually a mask over an old and rolled alliance. XxSnipezxX has been the leader of UNSC, which has also been named The Brotherhood of Nod and GDI.

TORN Press: Define "Daring" for me. You seem to associate yourself and Alliance as daring.

RyanGDI: Basically, our alliance is assertive against anyone it has problems with, and it's not afraid to express itself when it's got issues, regardless of public response or circumstances. That's the main point really...our actions, including stepping up to defend DDD and Sasori (two current GDI members) from their issues with other vastly larger alliances, prove that point, but that's the basis really.

TORN Press: Do you fear for your Alliance after this incident?

RyanGDI: Alright...I'm just fairly stressed to be honest. Of course… The Christmas War incident ended up being a total fiasco.

TORN Press: What do you think of Alliances like CoBN, SPA, or USA?

RyanGDI: Each of those alliances is in [a] different spectrum. We don't really CoBN recognize as an alliance. It currently only has one member, and that person is a highly controversial character with a confusing history. SPA however, have always been, and will continue to be our closest allies...while they incited and initiated "The Christmas War", along with all the public response that came with it, everybody screws up once in awhile, so we continue to stand by SPA, considering them as a brilliant alliance with great leadership. And finally, we don't really have any relations with the USA.

TORN Press: To quote Xiphosis, "Does GDI even have an inkling as to why most of us have absolutely no respect for you?" Those are his words, not mine.

RyanGDI: Anyone who's active enough to be involved with the game and GDI's position in Alliance Politics already knows our situation. I don't try to sugarcoat situations, and a lot of people are aware of the events that have occurred involving GDI, since they've been directly involved with them. So anyone who cares knows, and they're confident on staying with us.

TORN Press: If it was in the best interest of GDI, would you step down as leader?

RyanGDI: Yes, I would. In fact, the election of a leader has been discussed on the GDI forums, and it has been overwhelmingly approved that I should remain the leader of GDI indefinitely. One person went as far as to say that my running the GDI was the only reason they'd really stay, while others simply supported my leadership.

TORN Press: There have been some quips revolving the duel you took a part of earlier in November. What are your comments on that? How about the allegations which you admitted to about "cheating?"

RyanGDI: The duel between me and Jofna had [two rules], and that was no aid sent to either nation, or for anyone to engage the nations involved. There has been some controversy that DDD was merely used for the war, and played off as part of the duel.

TORN Press: What's up with Leftyland and Petraonia?

RyanGDI: Leftyland was merely a rogue against the GDI. He backwaggoned[sic] and attacked during the later point of the Soda Conflict. [The Soda Conflict was a tech raid flared with tons of extra pointless drama by the target, doubled with continued rogue attacks on innocent nations in our alliance]

TORN Press: Are you willing to keep GDI in a peaceful state?

RyanGDI: Yes, only exception is if SPA comes to harm, or possibly ARES, our ODP allies.

TORN Press: Would you have done anything differently?

RyanGDI: Definitely. [There's] a ton of things I would've done differently if I started GDI again. Firstly, I would have secured a protector prior [to or] just after GDI's establishment. Also, I would've tried to grow more, and gather allies prior to establishing the alliance. Most importantly, I would've tried to keep a more diplomatic head in conflicting situations; unlike I had done in the past. There are some other little points and things I'd change, but those are the basic points.

There you go folks. TORN asked, RyanGDI answered. You decide.

--- NeCoHo, Righteous Intern.



I decided to get the scoop on Kaveman, TORN's Minister of Internal Affairs. Please take note that the entire conversation is uncut, right out of my IRC logs.

<KVences[TORN]> Yo, Kaveman, thanks for taking the time to chat with me.

<KVences[TORN]> So let me know a little about your history in general.

<KVences[TORN]> Your old alliances, what you did there, how you started playing CN, all that jazz.

<Kaveman> Well, when I first started CN I joined ACID. It became unstable extremely fast and I found myself as Prime Minister within 2 months of even starting the game. After about 9 months the government decided to merge into Obsidian Entente and I decided it would be best for me to go somewhere else. Choop told me he was forming an alliance called Foundation. I joined up with him and three others and staye

<Kaveman> d there for about 6 months. After a while I then decided it was also time i should part from them and join TORN 15 days into their existence.

<KVences[TORN]> And how did you first get interested in CN ?

<Kaveman> There was a paintball forum that a link to the game, back when you could get a bonus for showing admin you had a link to the game on an outside forum/board. At first I had no idea what I was doing but it was Christmas Break and I had plenty time to learn.

<KVences[TORN]> Looks like that advertisement thing really worked eh ?

<KVences[TORN]> How did you get drawn into the politics behind the game ?

<Kaveman> When the drama gets started before a big war is what got me interested. Reading the back and forth conversations between enemies is what keeps me going back to the AP forum.

<KVences[TORN]> How did you first meet choop ?

<Kaveman> Through a protectorate between LoSS and ACID.

<KVences[TORN]> And you became good friends from that point on ?

<Kaveman> Yeah, hes taught me alot in the time ive been around.

<KVences[TORN]> Once you joined TORN, where is the first job you took ?

<Kaveman> Organizing an aid program in finance.

<KVences[TORN]> And where did you go from there ?

<Kaveman> Council for two terms

<KVences[TORN]> How has TORN affected your judgement in CN ?

<Kaveman> Coming from a neutral alliance that was Foundation, it is like doing a 180. Being in TORN and getting some war time in has made me more agressive in regards to how i run my nation. I dont think my political judgement has changed much though.

<KVences[TORN]> Cool, don't you just love how that works out. Now how about your career in TORN. Explain how you have made TORN a better place to be.

<Kaveman> In my opinion its that I can make new members to TORN more comfortable in new surroundings. If they need help with something, im always around to answer questions and guide them on where to find specific information.

<KVences[TORN]> You have always been a valuable member to TORN, and I certainly hope you stick around for the long haul. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, Kaveman

<Kaveman> No problem, Vences.

--- King Vences, Editor-in-Chief


Editor's Take

Well...today's issue was short and didn't include much that people didn't already know, but it was all worth it in the end. I recently picked up a bunch of new reporters from the TORN membership to join me in my quest to make the best newspaper around, not just for us, but for the rest of CN. This is also my first go around at the BBCode version of this newspaper, and after accidentally deleting the first draft version of this newspaper and having to retype it all, I am glad to get it over with. Thanks for reading !

--- King Vences, Editor-in-Chief



I will extend a special thank-you to...

Reahoi, the first Editor-in-Chief of TRT.

Heft, for his contribution.

bigwoody, for his contribution.

chejoe, for his contribution.

Kaveman, for the TORNerview.

KungFuGeeks, for his contribution.

And most importantly, to all my much valued readers. Check in next time for another issue of The Righteous Times. Take care, and god speed.


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Thank you for your kind words regarding the success of the Mushroom Kingdom in recent months. It has been a pleasure to work with you guys, and I'm sure all of Planet Bob will collectively **** themselves come the 22nd, when we're allowed those beautiful "easy buttons" once again. :)

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