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Sorry NATO

Jony Lancer

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First, this should be in the Alliance Politics forum. Second, since all we asked you to do to get peace was to apologize and keep from attacking or contacting our members, we are obliged to do so. Regardless of the method or merits of said apology, it is nonetheless an apology. We will offer peace.

Any deviation from the agreed terms will result in re-engagement.

For the record, we engaged Reborn following multiple attacks on NATO nations that were followed up with the below message sent to our Minister of Finance:


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now isn't that nice... making an alliance and trying to talk them into being the government for your alliance... it's better to get established before anything else... but that's just me. if you want to war, just go over to the tournament edition... it's ok to war anyone there but careful who you do get...

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I must say that recruitment message is just lol, its so tempting just to move out of a gov spot in a developed alliance, and move to a smaller alliance for the same title, then be asked to attack the alliance you were just in, Confused? You should be :psyduck:

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