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Alliance Cup Thread/RP Thread


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This thread is for all data relating to the Alliance Cup

Here I will be posting items about the Alliance Cup including:

The Drawings


Links to Alliance Cup related thread

Any RP may be preformed here including post press releases, interviews, facts about their teams, etc.

The Drawing will be occurring sometime on Wednesday and I will be providing a live stream either on #FIFOB or a live stream site.



Alliance Cup Sign Ups

FIFOB Hosting Announcement

IRON Teams' Thread

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The latest report coming out of the locker-room for team Ultegra is that they've brought in two last-minute additions to the team. The team's management was trying to keep this quiet, but it seems that the new additions are causing a little stir with some of the existing players... so they're refusing to keep mum about it.

Evidently some of the long-term team members are worried that the new "ringers" will steal some of their glory.

It appears that Team Ultegra has brought player Norman Conquest out of retirement. He's back and better than ever. His remarkable goal-keeping style is sure to really beef up Ultegra's defense for the cup challenge.

Ultegra has tapped its own "human resource" pool to find a new star. Player Ruud Brood was a former silver miner who has also tried his hand at the spice refinement business. Still in his mid-20's he has been setting the Ultegra amateur football leagues ablaze with his amazing offensive antics.... sure to leave players on the opposing teams shocked and confused.

Well, there you have it for our late-breaking insider news. Look for some keen suprises from Team Ultegra this season.

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VolNation is a nation that was birthed from the competitive fires of sports competition, so it is no surprise that they are one of the elite of the sporting world on Planet Bob. With titles from the Ark Premier League and Liga Mundo and a 2nd place finish in the FIFOB World Cup, the VolNation ruling sports body has unanimously agreed that the Alliance Cup is worth nothing less than the very best that VolNation has to offer. Many of the names that you see in the lineup will be familiar with those in the FIFOB World Cup, as most of those players have held over from that stellar squad, and it is hoped that the mention of these VolNation greats on one club will strike fear into the hearts of all who enter the pitch to oppose them. I once again present the VolNation Mighty Volunteers National Team in their trademark orange and white:

GK: #1 Jeff Gallagher (Ark Premier) Age: 22

GK: #15 Oscar "The Penalty Killer" Sorgard (Liga Mundo) Age: 34

GK: #17 Freddy Batemen (VolNation Power) Age: 33

DEF: #3 Doug Breckin (Ark Premier) Age: 29

DEF: #13 Caleb Reichle (Ark Premier) Age: 23

DEF: #4 Carson Prince (VolNation Power) Age: 22

DEF: #5 Steve Meadows (Ark Premier) Age: 29

DEF: #23 Ross Stewart (Liga Mundo) Age: 29

DEF: #2 Red Moreno (Liga Mundo) Age: 25

DEF: #14 Al Holcomb (VolNation Power) Age 36

MID: #6 Duncan Stamford (Ark Premier) Age: 27

MID: #9 Mark Lara (VolNation Power) Age: 23

MID: #7 Damon Abdon (Ark Premier) Age: 29

MID: #16 Gottfrid Karlson (VolNation Power) Age: 33

MID: #8 Nathaniel Reichle (Ark Premier) Age: 26

MID: #18 Winston Woodward (VolNation Power) Age: 32

MID: #12 Joey Lehmann (Liga Mundo) Age: 33

MID: #26 Owen Gomez (VolNation Power) Age: 29

FW: #11 James "Moneyman" Turner (Ark Premier) Age: 27

FW: #19 "Sir Godfrey" Shearer (Ark Premier) Age: 28

FW: #22 Ian Robertson (Liga Mundo) Age: 26

FW: #10 John-Henry Carey (Ark Premier) Age: 21

FW: #19 Leo van Pelt (Liga Mundo) Age: 34

FW: #20 Chad Goodwin (Liga Mundo) Age: 26

FW: #30 Lucas Magro (VolNation Power) Age: 33

With VolNation leading keeper Barry Ackland sidelined by injury, VolNation will start the 1a keeper from the Ark Premier League, young phenom Jeff Gallagher. Joining him from Liga Mundo comes Oscar Sorgard, in whose goal penalty shots come to die. His streak of 5 saved penalty kicks was just recently broken, but will look to get the nod if penalties are in order. VolNation Power tri-pack of keepers sends a rep as the third keeper with the versatile keeper Freddy Bateman, sporting a 67% save percentage in Cup action.

The VolNation backline once again is anchored by the Ark fullback tandem of Doug Breckin and club legend Caleb Reichle, who have a collective 4 Ark Premier League MVP's. Joining them from the Ark is sweeper Steve Meadows, who whose lanky height is effectively used to keep opponents corner kicks away from the VolNation goal. Plugging the center of the VolNation line is the speedy Carson Prince and Al Holcomb from VolNation Power. The VolNation Liga Mundo club sends fullback Ross Stewart and as a late replacement for the injured World Cup sweeper Kurt Rich, they add right fullback Red Moreno, who has been having a stellar season for the Liga Mundo club.

VolNation brings back its potent midfield corps from the World Cup for the Alliance Cup. In what has been termed a "fantasy heavenly matchup", VolNation puts its two superstar midfielders on the field together with the legendary versatile long range bomber Duncan Stamford (35 goals, 51 assists) from the Ark paired with free kick artist center midfielder Mark Lara (36 goals, 40 assists) from VolNation Power. Also coming from the Ark is right midfielder Damon Abdon, a threat from any point on the field, and the lightning-quick Nathaniel Reichle in the center. VolNation Power, known for its tremendous depth and quickness in the midfield, also sends speedsters from the side in Gottfried Karlson and the dangerous Owen Gomez, and more speed in center midfielder Winston Woodward, who is a constant danger in the box. VolNation's Liga Mundo dominant midfield leader Joey Lehmann, known for his penalty kicking prowess, completes the VolNation midfield.

VolNation has always been known primarily for its forwards, and the 7 picked for this squad are a rogues gallery of feared goal scorers. Two of the three forwards from the Ark known as the "All-Vol Forwards", each of whom has won top scorer honors in the Ark Premier League are once again here: aerial specialist winger "Moneyman" Turner (54 goals, 20 assists), ranged marksman "Sir Godfrey" Shearer (52 goals, 17 assists), who is on a 2 goal-a-match pace this season, is in the center forward spot. Replacing the aging, but still brilliant striker Theodore Hiller is up-and-coming striker John-Henry Carey (14 goals, 4 assists), who looks to become the next "All-Vol Forward". Not to be outdone, the Liga Mundo squad sends its trio of superfast forwards to the World Cup. Led by the scourge of the Liga Mundo, winger Ian Robertson (49 goals, 23 assists), the blazing quick trio is rounded out by center forward Chad Goodwin (32 goals, 16 assists) and striker Leo van Pelt (18 goals, 10 assists). In an expected move by VolNation watchers, the final forward spot was given to the triple-threat VolNation Power veteran center forward Lucas Magro (44 goals, 11 assists). Magro's goal-scoring threat and his multi-dimensional specialties of speed, outside power and aerial is only matched in all VolNation by teammate Owen Gomez, and though not as highly skilled as fellow VolNation Power forwards Chet Larson and Gavin York, always can be counted on to score that pivotal big-match goal.

The VolNation Mighty Volunteers are projected to run a 4-3-3 with the following starting lineup:

GK: Gallagher

LB: Breckin

CB: Prince

RB: C. Reichle

SW: Meadows

RM: Stamford

CM: Lara

LM: Abdon

LW: Turner

CF: Shearer

RW: Robertson

but has been known to slip into a 3-4-3 to further press the attack, replacing Meadows with either Karlson or N. Reichle, both for the additional speed that they bring.

The Captain has once again been named as Doug Breckin, with assistant captain nods to Damon Abdon, Mark Lara and Ian Robertson.

Edited by Philip The Great
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The national team are nicknamed the 'isleños' and have failed to make an impact in past international tournaments. The team remains heavily dependent on players from Cataduanes's best known club 'Estrella Roja', who are Liga Mundo regulars. While the remainder are made up of players from the nations venerable but low profile domestic league.

GK: Oliverio Cubino - 32 - Estrella Roja

GK: Armando Yeung - 24 - Club Haro

GK: Aitor Karriegi - 19 - Club Euskadi

DF: Eduardo Begoña - 25 - Estrella Roja

DF: Adan Orozco - 26 - Esrella Roja

DF: Bittor Garro - 21 - Estrella Roja

DF: Alonso Liao - 23 - Nacional

DF: Ferdinand Putrimani - 28 - Minas de Samal

DF: Toni Lim - 20 - Club Haro

MF: Hector Chema - 26 - Estrella Roja

MF: Basilio Tito - 21 - Estrella Roja

MF: Juan-Maria Motta - 25 - Estrella Roja

MF: Domenico Asturias - 27 - Estrella Roja

MF: Unax Sena - 20 - Estrella Roja

MF: Toni Souletano - 21 - Club Euzkadi

MF: Mohammed Munir - 23 - Minas de Samal

FW: Rafael Nagore - 31 - Estrella Roja

FW: Chico Tonelotto - 27 -Estrella Roja

FW: Mohammed Bulangiga - 25 - Ardar

FW: Manuel Lee Kwok - 19 - Atletico Romblon

The key players are Begoña, Chema and Tito. While very strong in defence and in the center of the park it is up front that the squad is weakest with Nagore past his best and Tonelotto failing to live up to expectations.

The first team is expected to line up in a 4-4-2, with the following personel:


Begoña - Orozco - Liao - Garro

Tito - Chema - Sena - Motta

Nagore - Tonelotto

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Dragonia Herald


Today the Alliance Cup was supposed to kick off, however, someone ran into FIFOB headquarters and stole the Cup and trashed the FIFOB mainframe. This act was probably caused by the Dragonia Radical group known as: "It's Soccer and It's Boring" who have protested FIFOB from day 1 of its inception.

"We plan to capture the culprits," Said Njndirish, president of FIFOB. "They did some damage but not enough to suppress the love of the game. We will still hold the FIFOB Alliance Cup of course, it will just be a bit delayed because of the mainframe repairs and getting back the cup of course. We will notify the participating Alliances and Nations that the tourney will be delayed only a few days."

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Uralica - Uralikka - Уралика

The small Christian nation of Uralica has a burgeoning football tradition which began with the formation of the Uralikan Palloliitto (Uralican Football Federation) in May of 2008. Since then, small clubs are lining up to be registered into the league system. But in the meantime, the 20-team Bolakliiga provides the whole block of this talent, including many players from Syktyvkar clubs Sikkivukarin Palloseura (SiPS) and FK Syktyvkar. The "Sinikotat" (Blue Eagles) are looking to make an impression despite their relative obscurity.

GK (1) - Yevgeny Kudymov (24, FK Syktyvkar)

GK (16) - Sasja Rodionov (34, SiPS)

GK (22) - Achim Tsyplakov (21, Dinamo Kirov)

LB (4) - Jarkko Salomäki (25, SiPS)

LB (25) - Sulo Tusk (23, FK Kirov)

RB (5) - Andi Fisk (22, Lokomotiv Kotlas)

RB (15) - Petteri Vahalahti (24, SiPS)

CB (2) - Indrek Lepp (23, Lokomotiv Kotlas)

CB (3) - Sergey Parfenov (20, Amkar Perm')

CB (13) - Lasse Myllyjärvi (23, SiPS)

CB (23) - Ruslan Nikolishin (26, Telekom Pazhga)

LM (11) - Diedrik Siemens (20, Mashinostroitel Kirov)

LM (17) - Gennadiy Suvanov (27, Amkar Perm')

LM (26) - Aleksi Salomäki (19, SiPS)

RM (8) - Vaido Järvi (22, FK Kotlas)

RM (14) - Hans Henriksen (23, Lokomotiv Pazhga)

RM (24) - Pasi Viuhko (25, SiPS)

CM/DM (6) - Raimo Suominen (27, SiPS)

CM/DM (27) - Harkany Molnár (23, Spartak Ukhta)

AM (7) - Jukka Tenhola (30, SiPS)

AM (20) - Pyotr Suvarov (26, FK Ukhta)

FW (9) - Khavkuk Shlomov (19, Dinamo Kirov)

FW (10) - Tapani Karjalainen (24, Kirovin JK)

FW (12) - Yoel Pankov (22, Spartak Ukhta)

FW (19) - Vsevolod Cherepanov (28, Amkar Perm')

FW (21) - Joni Rasimus (22, SiPS)

FW (29) - Pauli Vauhko (32, SiPS)

Despite the success of SiPS players at the Tercera level of Liga Mundo, many of their starters do not actually feature in the preferred starting lineup of manager Raimond Kuik:

GK - Kudymov

LB - J. Salomäki (captain)

RB - Vahalahti

CB - Lepp

CB - Parfenov

LM - Siemens

RM - Henriksen

CM - Suominen (vice-captain)

AM - Tenhola

ST - Shlomov

ST - Pankov

The well-roundedness and fairly uniform skill level of the team allows Kuik to use a good variety of line combinations, although he does prefer an attacking game. All six forwards are talented enough to give defenders trouble, but none of them is as naturally gifted as Dinamo Kirov wunderkind Khavkuk Shlomov, who in the Bolakliiga Spring Tournament scored a remarkable 35 goals in only 14 games. Other players to watch include Jukka Tenhola, Jarkko Salomäki, Diedrik Siemens, and goalkeepers Yevgeny Kudymov and Sasja Rodionov.

Edited by Uralica
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The Republic of Sussudio is a newly formed national football side who are taking their first steps on the international scene. After years of playing friendly matches and training games, key figures inside the Sussudian camp hope that some proper competition might inspire the players to actually win a football match.

The current match record stands at 0 wins 1 draw and 24 defeats. Sussudio drew their first ever game in a 1-1 draw agaisnt MacLand two days ago, which led to wild celebrations on the streets of the capital Easy Lover. The Royal Sussudian Corps had to be brought in to kwell the disorder and restor some semblance of reality. DVD sales of the game have even out sold Phil Collins' latest gig.

Very little is known of the team or it's players, even by regular fans to the teams matches. Coach Henrik Wolfgason chops and changes the team almost every game to try and find a winning formula. One particular perk is the teams insistance on singing the Sussudian national anthem 'In The Air Tonight' before each and every game, complete with backing music and lazer light show. It's assumed the players regard themselves as singers/entertainers rather than actual football players, as is the Sussudian custom.

Sussudio will be proudly presenting The Grand Lodge of Freemasons in the Alliance Cup for the first time. It's hoped the Sussudian players can rise to the occasion and do the unthinkable and actually win a game, or at least out-sing the opposition.

Up to 15,000 Sussudians are expected to make the trip to Dragonia to support their nation. If you spot some random person singing or playing the drums with anything that comes to hand then it's likely to be a Sussudian, treat them well as they mean no harm.

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The mainframe is finally back up, and drawings will begin tomorrow. Also we have the terrorists cornered with the cup and are going to capture them within the hour. The mainframe did spit up the World's top 50 which includes all recorded Leagues, Transvaal Cup, and CNFIFA events.


Here's the top 10:

1 Tritonia

2 VolNation

3 Paraganea

4 MacLand

5 Arcadian Empire

6 Costa Libertad

7 Greatspace

8 $JWS$

9 Dragonia

10 Crodog Damnation

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I remember MacLand and Paraganea.

I also remember MacLand and IrishLand's match of the Century. It was IrishLand 4-2 MacLand (first leg) and then IrishLand was leading 2-0 on the second leg, MacLand came back to draw on aggregate with a 4 goal streak drawing it 6 all. Had extra time, scoreless - MacLand won 4-2 on penalties.

UCFA = matches that you just don't believe :P

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The First Round draw will begin at 12:30 on #FIFOB for all those interested

The following nations though have a first round bye for being ranked the 16 highest nations




Arcadian Empire

Under the Sun


Articuno Island




Republic Tallan (Qwert)


Victoria Avenis



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I remember MacLand and Paraganea.

That was also the championship final match-up in the Transvaal Cup. Another great derby from UCFA was the Neo Japan and Dun Carrig match-ups. Despite our club's longevity, the Transvaal Springboks have never really had a close rival - we've basically played the role of perennial Primera Liga bridesmaid.

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As Kevodia has now existed for over a year, it was decided by the committee of the Kevodian Football Association (KFA) that it was about time they started getting a national squad together and participating in FIFOB events. While Kevodians have shown a penchant for trying out different religions, from Norse to Voodo, Football has provided a more consistent national pre-occupation. Footling, as the game has become known in Kevodian patois has gone from strength to strength both as a participant and spectator sport since it was introduced by foreign mercenaries in the early days, with around 100 men's teams and 50 women's teams taking part in two parallel pyramid systems. Matches in the top league, the Kevodian Spring SuperLeague typically attract crowds of around 500; the record attendance so far was in last season's KFA Cup Final when 5,568 people saw Keville United beat Bohemians 5-3 in extra time, and a record TV audience of 35,000 tuned in.

The Alliance Cup the first tournament that Kevodia have participated in and the KFA managing committee and selection committee are hoping the team progresses so that the Alliance Cup will be a useful learning expirience for future cups. However despite Kevodia beating Prince Edward Island in a warm-up friendly no one is counting their chickens, and the policy will be to treat each match as it comes. Kevodian football has developed in a rather more attacking style than is common elsewhere, with many SuperLeague teams adopting variations of the attacking 3-1-2-1-3 Miguel system which emphasizes an aggressive pressing approach with short passing. Kevodia are expected to follow such tactics in their first match although team manager Ron Bassetson admitted that 'At the end of the day we might have to resort to an old fashioned route 1 approach and forget the beautiful game. Sometimes football can be a game of two halves.' Unusually, Bassetson will be assisted by a committee of three selectors to act as a sounding board, although he still has final say on who is picked. The captain will be Keville United's veteran skipper Dave Brunton, who oversaw United's League and Cup double last season.

Kevodia have also brought a contingent of 500 or so traveling supporters, who have dubbed themselves Ron B's Blue and Orange army. As Dragonia is an expensive country for Kevodians to visit, the supporters were a little dissapointed to hear that the cup will be delayed slightly, although many have taken advantage of Dragonia's southern hemisphere location to grab some much needed winter sun. A pub crawl was also organised, in which an attempt was made to visit all of the Dragonian capital Doomsday's hostelries, and fans matches have been organised against teams of the fans of other countries. For the team there have been no such festivities - while Bassetson has taken his team around local sights, they have been closely chaperoned by the selectors and a no-drink before matches policy followed.

The likely line-up for the first match:

GK: Les Opperateur (32, Ordinance FC)

DC: Frank Brunton (22, Easyville Athletic)

DC: Terry Kaunas (30, Keville United)

DC: Kevin Pennent (27, Keville Rovers)

DMC: Jim Mallion (29, Marineville FC)

MC: Rick Prodi (26, Gregston Rangers)

MC: Dave Brunton (31, Keville United)

AMC: Keegan Walker (27, Newchester United)

FC: Maurice Halter (29, Longfar Athletic)

FC: Paulo Widdle (30, Keville United)

FC: Fred Plarp (26, Marineville FC)

Speculation is rife on Kevodia's back pages that Ordinance's 17 year old protegie and supersub Thor Boycott might make an appearance in the second half if more pressure is needed upfront later in the game. The draw and the first match are keenly awaited by the team, hangers-on and supporters alike.

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The nation of Killallippies announce their introduction onto the international scene by taking part in the FIFOB Alliance Cup. While this is the first foray into international football the national ice hockey team recently put in a commendable performance in reaching the playoffs of the Transvaal Ice Hockey Cup. Literally tens of Killallippian football fans will be traveling Dragonia looking for an unlikely revenge against the host nation for the Transvaal Ice Hockey Cup defeat that sent the Killallippians home.

While inexperienced on the international stage, Killallppies has an active if small national league national league. As well as providing nearly half of the national squad's players, Farcelona also represent Killallipies in the MHFA (Mostly Harmless Football Association) Superleague and there is also talk with in the FAK of applying to enter a team in the next season of Liga Mundo.

The FAK have recently announced the final 21-man squad:


01. Abe Tolley (26, Farcelona)

13. Greg Davies (32, Bedlamsterdam)

19. Matt Ray (29, Evertumble)


02. Dexter Harkness (26, Farcelona)

03. Jake Aldridge (31, Farcelona)

04. Ellis Coventry (30, Cavershambles)

05. Justin McDonald (28, Farcelona)

12. Stephen Dacre (27, Evertumble)

16. Tommy Nash (25, Farcelona)

17. Simon Wolsey (28, Bedlamsterdam)

20. Kevin Ilsey (21, Chaosasuna)


06. Lenny Lovatt (32, Farcelona)

07. Adam Cassidy (27, Bedlamsterdam)

08. Andrew Sandford (28, Cavershambles)

09. Linford Carlisle (21, Farcelona)

14. Cosimo Mandelli (26, Farcelona)

15. Steve Thomson (24, Chaosasuna)

18. Julien Skinner (26, Cavershambles)


10. Dennis Scicluna (27, Cavershambles)

11. Kris Neaves (26, Farcelona)

21. Tom Quinn (21, Farcelona)

Sportswriters throughout the nation have been fervently debating the line-up and the following is the generally accepted starting eleven:

GK Abe Tolley

DR Dexter Harkness

DL Jake Aldridge

DC Justin McDonald

DC Simon Wolsey

MR Cosimo Mandelli

ML Adam Cassidy

MC Andrew Sandford

MC Julien Skinner

FC Dennis Scicluna

FC Kris Neaves

Edited by Kowalski
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Arcadian Empire - one of the powerhouses of World Football, ranked number 1 on the last UCFA World Rankings, looked up to as one of the 'Big Three' in Liga Mundo, and currently ranked number 5 in the FIFOB rankings.

The Arcadians have developed a passion for football, with titles in the defunct UCFA Champions League, a title win in the Legion Championship, a disappointing 17th place finish (after an impressive comeback in the consolation rounds to win it) in the Transvaal World Cup, a constant source of threat in the Primera in Liga Mundo - the Arcadian's are proud to represent their Alliance in the first ever Alliance Cup of Football, the FIFOB Alliance Cup.

In this line-up, you will see returning names from the UCFA Golden Age, some names from the Transvaal World Cup side, some from the Liga Mundo Arcadia FC side and some even from Pikachu FC, a domestic Alliance League.

Here, I am proud to announce that Arcadia FC coach, Coach Courtney, will be training and managing the Alliance Cup campaign for the country, and for the Legion - and carrying with her, the hopes and dreams of a nation.

Coach Courtney has emailed me her preferences for the team, a strong squad, I believe, but I'm just a fan - not a coach. Anyway, here are her preferences for the Arcadian Empire side, who will be representing the Legion - I am unsure on the size, there's about thirty-odd, but she'll narrow it down, I'm sure!


Clifford Broom (LM), 35

Nathaniel Coupet (UCFA), 34

Owen Colbourne (LC), 27

Hector Howarth (LM), 20


Sid Harrington (LM), 33

Anthony Barrie (LC), 32

Howey Blanchflower (LM), 28

Malcolm Fitzpatrick (LM), 28

Michael Brock (UCFA), 27

Matthew White (UCFA), 27

Edmund Stockwell (LC), 21

Enzo Traversa (LM), 21


Emil Napieralski (LM), 33

Jeremy Santiago (UCFA), 31

Romeo Curtis (UCFA), 31

Morgan Dunwell (LC), 29

Samuel Nightingale (LC), 28

Sylvester Murphy (LM), 26

Gary Garland (LC), 24

Patrizio Blundetto (LM), 21


Rivaldo (UCFA), 34

Julian Nolan (LM), 32

Mikey Earp (LC), 32

Caleb Monkhouse (LM), 28

Michael Black (UCFA), 27

Cyrus Brumwell (LC), 27

She has said that the final formation and the Final 20 will be chosen after the first round of the alliance cup is completed.

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Training Roster


#00 Tafadzwa Masamba (UCFA)

#1 Thurston Alderton (LM)

#30 Göran von Knorring (LM)

#40 Ronnie Kingston (UCFA)


#2 Joop Boekweg (LM)

#4 Bert van der Meer (LM)

#3 Leon Hooiber (LM)

#5 Tor-Anders Øverli (LM)

#6 Knut Borgebäck (LM)

#19 Mirko Zilic (LM)

#12 Karl Verhoog (UCFA)

#15 Gert Smits (UCFA)

#17 Pieter Kruger (UCFA)

#18 Christiaan van Schalkwyk (UCFA)

#21 Nathan Archibald (UCFA)

#24 Ditre Ramotswa (UCFA)


#7 Mark Verwayen (LM)

#8 Dick Witchge (LM)

#11 Matthias Rieger (LM)

#13 Horace Elding (LM)

#14 Henk Schot (LM)

#20 Stien van Buyten (LM)

#25 Marais van der Merwe (UCFA)

#27 Vorster De Vries (UCFA)

#28 Koos Pieterse (UCFA)


#9 Gert Grünholz (LM)

#10 Ricardo van Deinsen (LM)

#16 Paul Nlend Wome (LM)

#22 Benny Dewhurst (LM)

#23 Charles Brennan (LM)

#26 Balthazar Botha (LM)

#29 Matteus Burgers (UCFA)

#50 Dakarai Baako (UCFA)

#60 WJ Botha (UCFA)

#70 Nik McCarthy (UCFA)

Club President: Bartnel Botha (LM)

Alliance Cup Manager: Reggie Rossiter (UCFA)

NOTE: (LM) =Liga Mundo player; (UCFA) = UCFA player

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Kyraylia's national team has been traininlg diligently for it's first foray into international football. Hundreds of avid Kyraylian fans have already boked airline tickets to the host nation, there belif that stout.

The Kyralyian national teams only hindrance will be their relative inexperience on the international stage but are already famed in the MHFA (Mostly Harmless Football Association) Superleague for their incredibly defensive play. They are hoping for big things in this competition. One of the bigger hitters in their league they narrowly missed out in winning the cup in the MHFA. A large propotion of the team is from the two major clubs in Kyraylian domestic football, FC Kyral the team of the capital and thier old firm rivals Zinadabad United.

The KyrFA have recently announced the man squad from which the finall 11 will be chosen:


Ziad Saif (22, FC Kyral)

Isaiah Zalman (28, FC Kyral)

Yaron Bulut (25, Zinadabad United)


Yasser Joel (22, Zinadabad United)

Emin Idan (27, Zinadabad United)

Rashid Alp (26, FC Kyral)

Jamil Dawood (24, FC Kyral)

Keghart Avedis (23, FC Kyral)

Yermolai Grigory (21, Saranshir United)

Haik Oleksiy (24, Zinadabad United)

Theodoros Oleksandr (17, South Western FC)


Trueman Orville (28, FC Kyral)

Garret Shaun (23, FC Kyral)

Chet Everitt (22, Zinadabad United)

Kendrick Rolf (17, FC Kyral)

Tim Sigmund (22, Zinadabad United)

Darby Earle (18, FC Kyral)

Pete Lockie (22, Zinadabad United)


Ted Sean (23, Cavershambles)

Jeptha Goddard (22, Naziran)

Zahir Shamshir (17, FC Kyral)

OOC: Can't wait for the draw :D

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