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Who doesn't want GREATness?

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Everybody wants to achieve GREATness at some point in their life.

NOW is your chance!

Join me and my fellow winners in the TE alliance GREAT!

The heart of our GREATness resides here: http://z13.invisionfree.com/CNTE_GREAT/

With the rest being in game and in #great where there will be GREAT joy and death! *Not always in the order*

The last GREAT reason you should join is simple: We sing!

War Song:

We blow stuff up

We blow stuff up

We sign random treaties

We blow stuff up

We are GREAT


Answer your call. Be GREAT today!

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Get our of our thread then and make your own recruitment thread. >_>

Our Charter (By Sceptor):

Preamble: TE, !@#$%*es. All members of GREAT are required to share raiding targets first and foremost with fellow GREAT members. This would be GREAT.

I. Membership

1. Nations wishing to join GREAT must post a GREAT application in the GREAT application thread on the GREAT forums. This would be GREAT.

2. GREAT Membership is approved in receipt of a GREAT application by the GREAT Council, lead by the GREAT forum administrator.

3. The GREAT Council reserves the right to expel a GREAT member at any time, should they be less than GREAT.

4. Members of GREAT must wear the alliance affiliation "GREAT"


1. GREATNESS is defined by the living awesomeness that is GREAT. One time I went to a bar with a friend, and they wouldn't let our buddies into the bar so we had to drink alone. It was ok, but it was not GREAT.

2. The GREATNESS is upheld primarily by the GREAT Council, who shall be first self-appointed, and responsible for the maintenance of GREATNESS in the GREAT Council. Interested members must first be GREATER to be considered for a GREAT Council position.


1. War is GREAT.

2. GREAT members must not raid GREAT allies.

3. The GREAT Council is responsible for any alliance-coordinated GREAT actions.

IV. Ammendments

1. This charter is GREAT.

2. Only amendments which are GREATER or GREATEST shall be approved by the GREAT Council.

Edited by George the Great
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