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ADP for Eco and AADN for War.

^^^ What he said. It's hard to compare military and economic wonders - you have to decide which type you're going to get, and then compare within the categories.

Fallout Shelter is just terrible, and AADN is better than HNM Silo, except, arguably, in specialized cases. HNM silo really is only useful if the war hasn't gone nuclear and the enemy is spying away your nukes. Those 5 nukes sort of would provide a deterrent against them taking the war nuclear after they're done spying. Of course, MP serves the same purpose. So AADN is better for most cases, IMHO.

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I'd go for the AADN, not the silo, if you were more into war. It would get used daily, as opposed to nuke silo. As well, you have WRC and are able to buy 2 nukes per day, which should be enough to keep your nuke stocks up, (Assuming you have CIA and 800 spies).

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the nuclear anarchy reduction is also quite attractive, if you have radiation cleanp then its a dual bonus, leaving only 3 days of NA

but sadly it has no other purpose, so if you are one of those nations that never gets attacked and probably never will, then you should go for ADP, because it helps you economically, and gives you a fair chunk of already expensive land (when you hit 3k land, its like an extortion for your money)

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