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  1. This same issue came up in the /b/ VE conflict in GW3 and unless something changed since then the GOONS sanctions were placed first. I made a fool out of myself arguing that issue so i would know. This is how it used to be anyway: 12/18: Sanction 1 12/18: #2 12/18: #3 12/18: #4 12/17: #1 12/17: #2 and so on. I remember there being a huge outcry at the time but I don't think admin changed it.
  2. Thats the order you should get them as you grow. I know you won't have enough infra now.
  3. Your improvement selection is awful. Lose the Barrack, Police Headquarters and the Clinic. If you are recieving large amounts of aid replace them all with factories, if you aren't recieving aid replace them with Banks and Stadiums. The correct improvement order for you is finish up with all Banks, Stadiums and Factories as I said above. Then you get 3 Schools, 2 Universities, 2 Clinics, Hospital, 3 Clinics, 2 Schools, 5 Police Headquarters, 5 Labor Camps, 5 Intel Agencies, 5 Churches in that exact order. After that you can start to think about Barracks, Missile Defense and Satelites. Variety
  4. Only one defeat alert can be recieved per day.
  5. I think I heard that the break even point without wonders is about 6200 infra. lol
  6. The population is better because it gives you more improvements and lets you grow faster. Improvements are the best deal in the game. They have a far better return on investment than tech, infra and wonders. The sooner you get those improvements the better. Another key point is that you will be paying less bills for the same amount of population and improvements than you would with the 8 bonus set because you will achieve that population with less infra.
  7. Talk to your alliance, I'm sure they will taake careof the situation.
  8. The tech multiplier change had little effect on gameplay. Most of the complaining was people being worried about an artificial number.
  9. Maybe because the outrage over the tech thing was stupid and that update didn't really change anything. This fundamentally slows the entire war system down to a point of total boredom and makes the game even more boring. The only reason I play the game now is because of the people, the game is already boring.
  10. Good point. Losing 6 happiness by being in threat 1/defcon 1 all the time is almost nothing to me but for a small nation it could cut their income in half or worse.
  11. Its not a bit realistic. To me a CN day is like a RL year. Nothing like 5 years to gear up for war. This will serve to make an already slow game even slower. :angry:
  12. Relatively small team? @OP Any combo of Wheat, Fish, Lumber, Iron, Marble, Aluminum is extremely good although Wheat, Fish is probably the best. If you have any combo of Wheat, Fish, Lumber, Iron, Marble, Aluminum, Pigs, Spices, Cattle, Sugar and Water you are pretty much set.
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