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  1. Damn, I used used to be on this list. GGs to the familiar names I see in this thread.
  2. [quote name='Masterof9puppets' timestamp='1358614329' post='3079993'] Then your DoW is wrong. I am only in my second round of wars right now, would be hard to have escaped into peace mode twice already, no? [/quote] Your own post fully refutes your position. Congratulations.
  3. Incorrect on all three points. It means that TOP tries to run everything while doing minimal heavy lifting. If you haven't figured that out I have a bridge to sell you.
  4. [quote name='flak attack' timestamp='1358556928' post='3079088'] Your bio says you've been here since September 2007, but this post leads me to believe September 2012 is probably more accurate. [/quote] Yea, not like Levi has been in gov of one of IRON's allies on the same side of a war as TOP. I'm going with Levi on this one.
  5. [quote name='LittleRena' timestamp='1340159800' post='2989588'] Clearly they are since one of your members issued a callout to The International if I recall correctly, someone in your alliance wanted a shot at Int, no? [/quote] Apparently Hal did...
  6. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1324110106' post='2880439'] How long is CJ going to be Regent of Val and still be excited about it? [/quote] CJ isn't Valhalla's Regent anymore.
  7. Good luck Invicta May I ask why you have two presidents? I certainly hope your RIM style government is working for you.
  8. [quote name='Enamel32' timestamp='1323235932' post='2866908'] Dilber, I didn't criticize any alliance. You know Q treated us like !@#$, but enjoy that line while you can bud, we aren't going anywhere. [/quote] You actively planned a war against Q from within Q.
  9. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1323231718' post='2866724'] Always honoring their allies no matter what. o/ Sparta [/quote] Except when they spend months actively planning the destruction of their allies. I will enjoy the day that Sparta goes down in a flaming wreck like they deserve.
  10. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1323137939' post='2864766'] I warned SF back in the DH-NPO War that if they don't back RoK, the same method could be used again against them to pull them in war by picking off their members, but SF tried staying as neutral as they could that war. Now SF has been dragged into war again, but with NPO on the side of DH/PB. SF and allies should be ready now, but interesting how MK always seems to escape being the target of anyone's vengeance and MK shifts their position to be on the winning side with former enemies allying them for the chance to get payback on ot
  11. [quote name='EViL0nE' timestamp='1323152309' post='2865437'] ...You realize you're in anarchy, have 57 soldiers, 24 planes and 20million cash, right?... [/quote] Everyone knows that wars are won and lost at the 15k NS level.
  12. [quote name='Dexomega' timestamp='1317310843' post='2811727'] Again, if they'd given us more than a few hours and actually countered our offer with, say, 24 Million (12 million each) we'd probably have taken it. Even if they just said 30 Million again, we'd have considered it. Taking the first deal you get is quite a poor thing to do, and it would give the world the impression that we'll take any form of reps to avoid conflict. And yes, it would, it's happened to us before. I think the most hysterical part about this whole situation is that the exact same thing happened with GOONS last wint
  13. [quote name='Bob Janova' timestamp='1311808586' post='2765621'] Valhalla declared war on him. Any actions he (or anyone else on his AA, if applicable) takes against Valhalla are in the context of a defensive war, not roguery. A war that he'll lose, because Valhalla has declared war on a tiny and defenceless alliance, but sanctions should not be placed when the nation in question was attacked first by the alliance which is complaining. When the only visible wars are offensive though it's an easy mistake to make. [/quote] A tiny defenseless nation that was sitting at ~120k NS with full wonder
  14. [quote name='Lord Curzon' timestamp='1308875108' post='2739748'] Shall we begin judging all alliances credibility based on their past allies now? Seem to remember VE having some questionable ones. [/quote] I'm not sure why you are going into the past, their current has more than enough fodder. [quote name='Hyperion321' timestamp='1308875196' post='2739749'] Holy crap, you're still around? Damn it's been years since we've yelled at each other. In other news, Jesus Henry Christ I've been around long enough to have years go by without arguing with Bob Sanders. I'm old. [/quote] I still
  15. [quote name='Hyperion321' timestamp='1308870732' post='2739685'] Hell, I've [i]wanted[/i] to roll a bunch of people for years... [/quote] I certainly know the feeling, buttercup.
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