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    Ace Combat, Robotech/Macross, Rainbow Six, Company of Heros, Dawn of War.<br />Swimming, Biking, Camping, Range Firing.<br />Area 88.

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  1. You can use Republic sometimes if you want to Spy like a commie without the enviro penalty.
  2. Yeah, depending on the Resource you get!
  3. I'm going to the Moon, I desire Titianium. It's like a super Stock Market Wonder!
  4. It takes 6% of your citizens and adds them as new population at your Base. This population cannot be harmed by war on your planet bob bound country. (Think of it as a population multiplyer that ignores infrastructure change (for good or ill))
  5. Change the Lead back to the old new? If not, may I please have the img? It think it's cool.
  6. Hey Admin, I liked that icon for Lead (the old new one?)! May I have it plox?
  7. I approve of these new images, specially Lead! Here's to the rest being updated!
  8. They aren't, they are meant to be end-game money sinks.
  9. Military shouldn't be included in the cost of the wonder. Just Tech and Infra.
  10. Capitalist has better environment and increased land area (More citizens).
  11. A good time to start is when the money you make in swapping is enough to pay for re buying the 5 camps.
  12. Maintain enough Tech to max happiness granted from it and sell the rest in tech deals. You can start buying Tech yourself once you max 3 Mil after taxes.
  13. Picket Ships get obliterated first, though, it's a tad annoying loosing so many Landing Ships because of that.
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