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Ground attack bug


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To: DreadThePackers From: Timmyd Date: 8/6/2008 7:19:37 PM

Subject: Battle Report

Message: You have been attacked by Timmyd. You lost 7,509 soldiers and 219 tanks. You killed 3,654 soldiers and 210 tanks. Their forces razed 39.026 miles of your land, stole 2.602 technology, and destroyed 10.407 infrastructure. Their forces looted $0.00 from you and you gained $490,246.41 in your enemy's abandoned equipment. In the end the battle was a Victory. Any existing peace offers that were on the table have been automatically canceled.

How can I win a battle that I lost stuff in? Even if they took all the tech before abandoning...you can't just pick up land....lol, Just wondering whats up with the losing stuff yet winning the battle...

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If you have a planned attack with under 10% odds, even if you lose you can often get atleast 10 infra destroyed, 2.5 tech, and atleast 20 land.

Also: Even if you lose the battle, you can still capture the outskirts of the land, and do proper damage anyway.

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Well then it needs to change, If this is supposed to be anywhere near realistic(lol) then you cant razze land and lose a battle, its physically impossible.

You can raze land and lose a battle. As enemy troops pull out they could very well burn or destroy the land as they retreat from battle.

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