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World map with all nations marked


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And like many others, I placed mine on a specific city, so anyone else who put it on that city, for example, would overlap me or vice-versa.

If you are trying to see your nation in comparison to others you can always view your alliance map, or you can work you way up.

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Not that I've ever seen or heard of. 50 pegs doesn't sound plausible as a map for all those in range as I don't think there is any nation in the game without at least several hundred nations within their range. The only two map styles displaying multiple nations are the top 100 nations in the game map, and the individual top 100 nations in a particular alliance maps.

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Is there a map that show Nations within your Strength Range? I saw some kind of map before that had about 50 or so pegs on it... I cannot find it now, ANYONE???

If you saw the map on the forums, then perhaps you mean (depending on how long ago "before" was) when GOONS, GPA, NPO (and others?) moved their 100 strongest countries around to make a symbol on the map? If so then sorry, I have forgotten where those threads are.

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