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Which is Better

Trade Circles  

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Aluminum, Coal, Fish, Furs, Iron, Lead, Lumber, Marble, Oil, Rubber, Water, Wheat

Bonus: Steel, Auto's, Beer, Asphalt, Construction, Scholars


Aluminum Cattle Fish Iron Lumber Marble Pigs Spices Sugar Uranium Water Wheat

Bonus: Fast Food, Construction, Beer

I'm trying to convince someone to drop their trade circle for mine. I won't tell who's is who's until there is a winner.


Electric Mango

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Those two sets have 7 resources and 2 bonus resources in common. You are really asking which is better of the two subsets:

1) Oil,rubber,lead,fur,coal and

2) cattle,pigs,sugar,spices,uranium

When I looked at the total happy + $$ bonuses for both those sets, they equal out at base +$19.50 gross each. The first set has some interesting bonuses, and a bit more infra cost/maintenace then the second, but the second has +11% population. In my opinion, the second set is a bit better. If the nations in question are nuclear powers, then I think the second set is definitely better.

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If you do all the math and account for population growth (rather than just taxes per citizen) the Fast Food, Construction, Beer set is superior. Not to mention with the increased population you will get your improvements faster which will lead to an even bigger advantage.

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set 2 is better, clearly.

Set 1 includes lead and furs, but even if you would exchange these for cattle and uranium/sugar (the best addons for the 5BG set), Set2 would STILL be better. Furs is only useful if you go for an FJ/AP setting, and lead is almost never useful, compared to other resources.

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I like my way of using option 2. I drop alum and marble and get gems and wine boosting my cash then I drop gems and wine for one day to get alum and marble and buy a ton of infra thus getting the savings on the infra purchasing then going back to gems and wine. The alum does give beer but beer doesn't compete with gems and wine. Marble gives only infra reduction thus only useful if you are buying infra.

So option 2 can give you basically 14 trades instead of just 12.

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