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  1. I'm the one asking the questions around here. This is Ogaden, not Electric Mango AMA.
  2. Would you rather make love to one horse size duck or 100 duck size horses?
  3. I love me some RIA and have been their diplomat for 3+ years. Even though we've been on opposite sides of every war they've always treated me with nothing but respect and kindness. Their general membership and leaders are always willing to talk business or just clown around and they have a unique and fun community. I credit RIA for being loyal allies, even when it is hard for them to do so. It's unfortunate that they are tied to certain alliances as that is the only knock they have against them. o/ cacti
  4. Congrats to my good friends in the RIA although Im disappointed not to earn that HOTDOG position
  5. Congratulations Misfits! Onwards and upwards.
  6. [quote name='Shadow Slayer' timestamp='1300930943' post='2674234'] EM signing for both alliances? Why, that just sounds.... insane. [/quote] I have multiple personality disorder, quit making fun of my disability! But seriously, it took a lot of pron to make this happen, an unholy amount of pron.
  7. SOS is lucky to have allies as loyal as RIA, they are a quality alliance. I wish all my random brothers the best and I also think it's hilarious how many people are getting their panties in a bunch over the tl;dr.
  8. Always room on Orange Welcome to the neighborhood
  9. Congrats to DVD and all those old farts that get to enjoy retirement.
  10. Sorry to see friends part ways. Good luck to both parties.
  11. I'm playing until the wheels fall off this thing.
  12. Great announcement. I'm easily bored but I read this all the way through
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