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  1. Sounds like a plan. Thanks.
  2. Last time I knew about common unaligned recruiting practice, you copy/paste everyone with none in their AA. No bios ever get read. Has that practice changed?
  3. So I just noticed I have at least a million PM's because I got knocked off my AA. What's the new least painful method for keeping the idiots from cold calling me about joining their alliance? Note: By definition that does not include joining your alliance.
  4. Did you disagree with the direction UPN was going, too, madmike? You really are faithless.
  5. [quote name='Ejayrazz' timestamp='1287540082' post='2488211']This war was a bar fight [/quote] Such spot-on analysis deserves to be quoted without all the mutterings it was packaged with. Edit: the
  6. [quote name='Omas Nams' timestamp='1286293384' post='2475953'] Still time to join the party Hell [/quote] I would recommend it, hell.
  7. Tech raiding is a public service. Voted no.
  8. [quote name='Titus Pullo' timestamp='1280620349' post='2396501'] Then why does Gre follow his personal opinions? [/quote] You really think he voted to end the war?
  9. [quote name='Crymson' timestamp='1280619046' post='2396487'] Haha. Yeah, right. You may fool about this those who don't know you, Ram or the Gramlins well, but don't even try to pull out this BS on those who are familiar with you. We all know that Ramirus has had a virtual stranglehold on power in the Gramlins for nearly a year; and we at TOP know very well that you were an absolutely religious supporter of everything he did and said. As for the alliance itself, he was elected repeatedly. The people spoke. Your attempts to avoid personal accountability mirror those of your membership in the past, when they refused to take responsibility for Ramirus's behavior and the consequences it brought, and when they refused to take responsibility for repeatedly re-electing him. Nice try, Ertyy. [/quote] Personal accountability for what? No, I'm not taking responsibility for ram's opinions. I'm also not taking any responsibility for the incorrect impressions to be found on OWF. Anyone with even an ounce of objectivity would realize that just about everyone here believes what they want to believe, regardless of evidence or argument. Though, if you are referring to our belated departure from fellowship with TOP, I would take 110% of the responsibility for that if I could.
  10. [quote name='iamthey' timestamp='1280614155' post='2396419'] That is interesting, up until this point I was under the impression that gre was out to prove their dedication to principle. That it had nothing to do with actually defeating IRON, something you all knew was impossible from the outset, and more about making a stand, even if it ended in martyrdom. By accepting their white peace you have validated the ESA, and in the words of RAM, acknowledged that IRON never really did anything wrong. You shouldn't make an idealistic stand if you are not ready to uphold it. Yes you fought for a very longtime, and you essentially ran gre into the ground, but rather than stand the course you've now chosen to yield and in doing so give up. Your reasons for the war may not have changed, but you did fail to realize them. That is why IRON and Dawn have won. [/quote] I think OWF got too caught up in its own witticisms to realize that ramirus represents only one third of the conclave. Gre doesn't follow his personal opinions just because he happens to be the most outspoken in certain venues. I thought that what IRON did was wrong and was willing to see them apologize or be militarily chastised right up to the point where it became obvious to me personally that nothing more could be done to get any kind of an apology out of them. I know ramirus' position involved a little more martyrdom than mine, but I don't see how that makes it less of a principle. I will also say that it does show some redeeming qualities that IRON elected to give us peace at this point. Also, yes, I know we lost and said as much in the first post. You people need to take a moment and lrn 2 reed. You will find that you haven't caught me at anything.
  11. [quote name='Crymson' timestamp='1280604751' post='2396246'] LOL. Excellent wordplay. Why don't you just go ahead you and admit you lost? [/quote] lol, why don't you actually read what I said? I think it's pretty clear to anyone who reads it that I said we lost. I just didn't say those two words in a row. One of these days, Crymson, you should get over this issue you have with me/us. Ultimately, the hate is more debilitating to you than it is to anyone else. The fact that you can't read because of it seems to be a pretty strong indicator for that. Edit: department of redundancy department censoring.
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