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looking for a new alliance

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Hey CN. Im looking for a new alliance after my last alliance didnt go as planned because the other leaders didnt like me cuz they took the game to seriously and i wanna have some fun.If you want me to join ur alliance post here and just say a few reasons because im up for all options from big to small.

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The reasons you should join =Western Empire=


I am in it! Come on I am one of the most :awesome: and I don't take things seriously


Look at our name we have a = in it! Who els in there right mind would do that.


We have a bunch of cool people. And a nice place to spam and talk. And a good military place.

So if you want some of us come here


=WE= will be expecting you.

And if not

I will know I gave it my best :awesome:

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I just want something fun that people dont take the game way too seriously

May I recommend you join \m/? They like to have fun, and don't take things too seriously. It sounds like they'd be perfect for you. Another alliance that fits your criteria might be GOONS.

Best of luck. ^_^

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