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D1 tries to defend a poor leader....

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Alpha Wolves Declare War on Defcon 1

(O and this randon NLON guy: Peggy)



Lord Beast from Peace Federation fed his alliance to the Wolves, while he sat comfortably in the 7 day peace mode.

When it came time to back up his loud mouth and alliance,  he ran to D1.

I asked for his head, I got a no.


One of his messages:

To: Al Bundy    From: Lord Beast    Date: 7/15/2019 1:39:48 PM

Subject: RE: hahahahhahaha


Message: You will risk war with defcon ?

To: Lord Beast    From: Al Bundy    Date: 7/15/2019 2:36:50 PM

Subject: RE: hahahahhahaha


Message: Ill burn anyone to get to you baby ;) hahahaha.... You can share that with anyone :D

Al Bundy
Good Luck to all involved!
Al Bundy - King in the North








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