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Closing out Rnd44

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DEFCON 1 is going to kick these end of round wars off and declare war on........




How we see ourselves




How everyone else sees us




On behalf of D1, it's been a blast, see you all next round!



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    The ground still shook occasionally as the earth rumbled in aftershocks, groaning as if it could deny what was happening. Bars of sunlight cast through the rents in the walls where the explosions of war knocked debris loose. The dead lay everywhere, mostly soldiers, struck down for sport, cast aside so as easily with the effort of a madman pushing buttons.
    Lord of Darkness wandered aimlessly through the command post. "Where did everyone go?" Lord of Darkness wondered aloud. "I could have sworn there were more people around when I had started."
    Behind him, the air rippled and solidified into a man clothed in all black. The man looked around in curiosity and stepped carefully to avoid the dead.
    "Lord of the Darkness," he said, "I have come for you."
    "Who are you?" Lord of Darkness asked.
    "Once, I was called Horatio Longworth, but now--"
    "The guy with the hoplite avatar."
    By Admin! Is that what people call me these days?!" The man in black cackled. "Nevertheless, you
will remember who I am." Someone outside the pattern pressed a few buttons and a new war screen popped up.
    "You've been fighting for DEFCON 1 this whole round!" Lord of Darkness accused as the memories flooded back to him. "For 90 days, you've been fighting against us!"
    "You pitiful fool! We have not been fighting for one round, but every round.” The man in black answered with scorn.  “--Or at the very least since round 43. I have discovered that with every turn of The Wheel, you and I are destined to fight each other. A thousand battles past and a thousand battles yet to come."


Pan-Torac XII declares war on Angmar.



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