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Increase earning more from battles

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The main problem with this is that even at later stages in the game, I'd estimate the average WC to be less than 100 mil. You can be in 7 wars at a time, 2 GAs each. If things start going badly that's 14 losses a day (assuming you don't attack out and potentially lose). That's 14mil loss a day. Over the course of a 5-day war, that's 70mil. Even with a more conservative 3 wars, that's still 6 a day, which is 30mil. 


All that would happen with this is more people would turtle - a 600k DA/day is a mild loss comparatively. It would encourage less fighting. If we were to change it I'd want it to be a more complicated change that means you can't lose more than say 1-2mil a day. As in first few attackers might get 300k ecah, next ones only 100k each, and downwards from there. Kinda like how it scales when people are poor. Or just increase the point where it starts scaling down?

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I think it should be based on how much money they have....those guys that have 500 million and I get a successful ground attack and win 100,000 is pathetic. Spend some money or give it to me :) 



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A big reason this got nerfed was it was far too exploitable. In an age where many of the nations in a given TE round are just providing trades to the *real players*, I'd boldly suggest that raising the caps on looting too much gets turned into a backdoor foreign aid system that would consequently be exploited massively at the beginning of any given round.

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