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  1. IREC is back for round 37! (Better late than never) IREC (International Rogue Extermination Coalition) IRC- #IREC Forum- irec.boards.net Current Government President- Stevepick Vice President- Vacant Minister of Defense- Vacant Minister of Interior- Vacant Minister of Finance- Vacant Minister of Foreign Affairs- Vacant Minister of Silly Walks- Vacant After a long hiatus IREC is back for round 37! Just like the first round, we are starting late, and just like the first round I believe we can climb quickly. The goal of IREC is to become the first big player in the TE Orange Sphere, and to bring back the competitive spirit of TE that once was. Preamble: We the nations of IREC, in order to form a more perfect and fun Planet Bob, establish justice, insure domestic and foreign tranquility, provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare to ourselves and our allies, do hereby establish this charter for the International Rouge Extermination Coalition (IREC).
  2. Wanted to give others the opportunity to sway my opinion :D. I've already applied
  3. I've done some thinking, and realized that i don't have the time to fully lead an alliance to the best of my ability since I am starting a job this week. I would still like to have a government position in an alliance, but it isn't necessary If your alliance needs a forum, I can make one. As you can see by my current forum http://irec.boards.net/ I'm pretty capable NLoDN and TDO are at the top of my list, but I will entertain other alliances
  4. Been thinking about joining you guys.... Starting a new job this week, and not sure if I would have enough time fully lead an alliance to the best of my abilities. Don't want the work that I put into the alliance to go to waste though
  5. Would be glad to have you at IREC. Looking for a second in charge
  6. What time do rounds usually start? Hoping to get an early start :D
  7. Our forum has been given a bit of a facelift. Would be great if others can give their opinion on it
  8. Can't wait for this round to start! Been spending some time tweaking our forum in anticipation. Even thought about seeing if I could move to a better forum
  9. Thanks, shaping up to be a good round :) . Glad to see you guys around
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