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CNRP: Inverted

Peter Ilyich

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Ok first off yes, I know we have a ton of RP's right now and yes, I know my ideas have smelled like rotten eggs in the past but I think this one has potential. Or, of course, it could just be another idea that sounded good in my head but in reality is only worse than my past ideas. Well, let's get started.


There are no nations on there now. I will put a colored border around places claimed.


The year is 2100, and the beginning of a new century on Earth. People celebrate the new beginning, as well as look back on the many advances in technology through the past 100 years. People spend time with their families, they cherish the moment while they still have it. However, losing this moment may happen quicker than expected. People already knew that Natural Resources were running low, however how low was still unknown. For safety, however, many people switched to electricity, as well as other energy sources. No later than July, a strange action occurs on Earth, and most land suddenly sinks thousands of feet. Perhaps it is the Earth giving in to all of the digging done in the past? Whatever the case, water suddenly rushes into the open holes in the ground, causing a sudden shift in the land. People not near beaches don't stand a chance, but ones near them can get as close to them as possible and then being able to get into the closest oceans, now suddenly land. British Scientist Richard Fit uses an old world map he recovered to draw a new map, dated around 2142. He supposedly died 2 days after he completed the map.

Now the year is 2200. The old world is gone and a new world has been built. Technology is back to where it was around 2089, and a new world of resources are available now that the ocean's are uncovered. Now, however, most people use an "Inverse" compass that shows north as actually south, south as north, etc. Cities have been built, however a new nation has failed to rise in this anarchic planet. Who will be the first to rise from a fallen world?


Starting a Nation

You have a few options on how to start. Listed below.

-Find unclaimed space and claim it. As simple as looking and then typing. But, please be small with claims, because I will deny it if it is too big.

-Ask for some of someone's land. Very rarely do they actually accept this but if you must insist. Don't do something illogical like ask for a tiny spot of land in the middle of their nation.

-Ask for some of someone's protectorate. Oh, Boblandia has a protectorate over region A! I want region A! I'll ask for it, then hopefully get it. Or not. Don't throw a fit if you don't get it.



2089 technology could be described as follows.

Flying cars = Yes

Hoverboards(Flying stateboards) = Yes

People able to leave solar system in a spacecraft = no(This is one thing that never recovered after the Great Flooding.)

Robots able to do tasks well and quick(Not like ones we see today, like in Star Wars) = Yes, with limitations such as short battery power

(I will add more stuff to this list as it comes up in comments.)



Your Soldier count is Ingame civilians times 10. If you have 40,000 citizens and 8,000 of them are soldiers, you have 32,000 civilians - giving you 320,000 soldiers for RP.
 But, every nation gets at least 50,000 if your in-game numbers add up to less than that.


Tanks, APCs, artillery, etc. are done on common sense basis. Don't get too insane with this.



For every 10,000 soldiers you subtract from your soldier count, you gain an additional squadron of twelve planes onto the total of 630 aircraft.

This allows greater customization of military forces which is dependent on your terrain and size. A small island nation doesn't need a massive army, but it may need a larger airforce. It doesn't benefit any one group over another, it simply allows nations to sacrifice strength where its not needed, to reallocate it to somewhere it is. The soldier hard cap for a start massively prevents abuse and actually acts as a secondary cap on extra aircraft. For example a nation with 750k soldiers decided to only have a 50,000 man army, they would gain 70*12 aircraft, or 840 planes. This is then added to the standard cap of 630, giving them a total of 1,470 aircraft.

Activity Requirements
A total of 3 weeks is the maximum allowed time to go between IC posting before you will be removed from the map, after formally requesting a lock from a GM you may have this extended to a total of 28 days. If you are locked and haven't posted in the last 28 days you will still be wiped.
During longer extensions, called a "lock", nations that are locked cannot be touched via RP.


Land Expansion

-For land expansion, you must have 7 posts within a 2 week period, no more than 1 post a day. I don't care how many hours apart, so long as they are on two different sides of midnight I am fine with it. The area you are annexing must not be too large! I will be very picky about size in this manner, so use your common sense.

Character crossing
No crossing characters/nations. What happens to your in Barfistan, stays in Barfistan. If you reroll your nation and go right back to your old tricks, you deserve to get smashed. You need to remember that a new nation is a fresh slate, so don't roll a new nation to go pick fights with the enemies of your old nation.

This goes for others, a new nation should not be viewed in the same lens as the old one just because the person rping it did something objectionable in their last nation.

If a person rerolls and brings old characters into power in a new nation, that's another story. That's not a reroll, its a successor state and how it is treated is entirely up to the RPer.

IC/OOC crossing
This is hard to prove, but occasionally someone will catch wind of gossip or get shown a chat log of someone plotting on their nation. This chat log is out of character, it should not be acted upon in Character. If someone uses a conversation or argument that happens out of character as motive for attacking someone in Character, this is a problem.

Nor should threads labelled as private be used to influence the actions of another player. Private means private.

As IC/OOC crossing is hard to prove, allegations of such behaviour should not be made lightly. Further, neither should the community be forced to endure endless bleating sheeple claims of someone who thinks they are getting a raw deal.

In short, some times you just have to sack up and role play things for reasons you don't like.
However, should sufficient proof be shown, it should be discussed and dealt with on a case by case basis.


Let me know if I need to add, subtract, or edit something, or if you want to reserve something.

Edited by Peter Ilyich
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