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CNRP BE Land Mass Sizes


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Just as a note in advance, this is a general thread on the size of new land masses in Beyond Earth and not in fact a discussion on BE itself, ns ranges or whatever. You can discuss that in the main thread.


With that out of the way the main subject.


Beyond Earth is going to create a lot of potential but we do have to keep in mind the logistics of the thing. If everyone starts making Eurasia or Africa sized continents for themselves we're going to deal with a really large map very fast. As such I'd like to propose a limit on the total size a custom landmass can have based upon in-game statistics. This does not affect the shape or anything, you can still have a Germany-shaped landmass or whatever but just the proportion in which it appears on the map is affected.


To do this I suggest the following tiers.


0-1000 land: A landmass roughly the size of rl Sri Lanka on the map(for now we're not going to count the inherent fallacies of using a flat map rather than a globe and just work with it)

1000-2000 land: A landmass roughly the size of rl Sumatra or Madagascar on the map

2000-4000 land: A landmass roughly the size of New Guinea in rl on the map

4000-6000 land: A landmass roughly the size of Congo and Angola in rl on the map

6000+ land: A landmass roughly the size of Australia in rl on the map.


Collective Claims:

To promote community building and still have larger continents despite the ig land amount I suggest a system of collective claims. Several people together can combine their potential land masses and make a single claim for all of them to be placed on the map. These continents would be added on a trial basis for a certain period to make sure someone doesn't simply get a bunch of friends together to make a claim who then promptly leave.


In the end by imposing these caps the map wouldn't get out of control while a system of collective claims provides a real incentive to join together with your friends and expand on the community.


Of course all these numbers are subject to change.

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what about limitations on how close you can be to another land mass?

Honestly I think we should determine that on a case-by-case basis. It should be fine to settle somewhere in an ocean or something but showing up within viewing distance of someone else's coast there obviously is a problem.

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