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French Guiana


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French Guiana




From this moment on, the territory of French Guiana declares itself a sovereign nation. It has established a functioning government based on a free market republic and a sizable defense force to defend it's borders. 


Government: Republic 

Currency: Euro

State Language: French

President: Jean Hollande



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President Jean Hollande thanks all the nations that have recognized the new nation state. 


"It is my great pleasure to thank those within the international community for recognizing our sovereignty, I invite them to build embassy here within our nation and we anticipate a bright and peaceful future."


Private transmission to France


"Due to our common history, language, and culture. I find it only natural for our two nations to keep close ties in such turbulent times. As such I allow the royal family safe passage into our beautiful nation, and propose an economic treaty that will allow the franc to be used by our two nations freely."


-President Jean Hollande 

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Private Transmission to France


"Magnificent, we look forward to continuing a fruitful relationship with France. Here's to a bright and prosperous future for the French people. We shall open our ports to French ships and begin open trade with the motherland soon as possible"


- President Jean Hollande 

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