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Northlands Military News & Movements


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Office of Security

"To secure and maintain the sovereignty and national integrity of the Northlands"


Welcome to the Office of Security, the government office dedicated to defending the nation and its people. The Office of Security contains the standing military of the Northlands, including the armed forces and other specialized departments involved in strategic and cyber warfare. The military and Office of Security are under the command of William IV, however in practice power is invested in the Imperial Officer of Security.


The military consists of the following forces organized into separate departments: ground, naval, air, coast, strategic, cyber, special, and joint command. Each is discussed in more detail below. 


Naval Forces

Size: 84,600


The Northlands has a proud tradition of naval prowess dating back to ages before the Great Apocalypse. Strategically located on the western coast of Europe, the Northlands maintains significant sea trade at its many large ports. Additionally, the Northlands has naval bases and stations at many key islands and locations around Europe. Due to its infancy as a nation, the naval force is small relative to other branches and is currently tasked with ensuring the defense of Northlandic waters.


Total Composition

Amphibious Assault: 4

Destroyers: 24

Frigates: 51

Corvettes: 54

Submarines: 30



North Fleet

1x Amphibious Assault

4x Destroyer

5x Frigate

4x Corvette


Baltic Fleet

1x Destroyer

3x Frigate

6x Corvette


Atlantic Fleet

2x Amphibious Assault

5x Destroyer

6x Frigate

5x Corvette


Mediterranean Fleet

1x Amphibious Assault

3x Destroyer

6x Frigate

5x Corvette


Pacific Fleet

2x Destroyer

4x Frigate

4x Corvette




Holland-CLASS Frigate



Holland-CLASS Frigate



Displacement: 4,900 t (4,800 long tons; 5,400 short tons)

Length: 133 m (436 ft 4 in)

Beam: 16.1 m (52 ft 10 in)

Draught: 7.3 m (23 ft 9 in)

Speed: In excess of 28 kn (52 km/h; 32 mph) 

Range: 7,500 nautical miles (14,000 km) at 15 kn (28 km/h)

Complement: 185 (accommodation for up to 205)

Electronic warfare & decoys:


Anti-air missiles:
1 × 32-cell Sea Wolf GWS.26 VLS canisters for 32:
Sea Wolf missiles (range 1-10 km)

Anti-ship missiles:
2 × quad Harpoon launchers

Anti-submarine torpedoes:
2 × Twin 12.75 in (324 mm) Sting Ray torpedo tubes

1 × BAE 4.5 inch Mk 8 naval gun
2 × 30mm DS30M Mk2 gunsor, 2× 30mm DS30B guns
2 × Miniguns
4 × General purpose machine guns

Aircraft carried:

1 × Lynx HMA8, armed with;

  • 4 × Sea Skua anti ship missiles,or
  • 2 × anti submarine torpedoes

1 × Westland Merlin HM1, armed with;

  • 4 × anti submarine torpedoes

More information available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_23_frigate



Maastricht-CLASS Corvette

RNV Maastricht

RNV Eindhoven

RNV Gent



Maastricht-CLASS Corvette




Length: 85.64 m (280.97 ft)

Beam: 11.88 m (38.98 ft)

Draft: 3.17 m (10.40 ft) 


Range: 3,500 nautical miles (6,500 km)


  • 64 officers and crewmen
  • 10 aircrew

Sensors and processing systems:

Electronic warfare & decoys:


Armor: Steel and aluminum

Aircraft carried: Eurocopter Panther


More information available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sa%27ar_5-class_corvette



Europa-CLASS Amphibious Assault Ship

RNV Europa

RNV Pacifica

RNV Terra

RNV Atlantis



Europa-CLASS Amphibious Assault Ship



Displacement: 40,500 long tons (41,150 t) full load

Length: 831 ft (253.2 m)

Beam: 104 ft (31.8 m)

Draft: 27 ft (8.1 m)

Speed: 22 knots (41 km/h; 25 mph)

Range: 9,500 nautical miles (17,600 km; 10,900 mi) at 18 kn (33 km/h; 21 mph)

Boats & landing craft carried:

Landing Craft Air Cushion or
12 Landing Craft Mechanized[2]

Troops: 1,894 Marine Detachment

Complement: 1,208

Sensors and processing systems:

AN/SPS-49 2-D Air Search Radar
AN/SPS-48 3-D Air Search Radar
AN/SPS-67 Surface Search Radar
Mk23 Target Acquisition System(TAS)
AN/SPN-43 Marshalling Air Traffic Control Radar
AN/SPN-35 Air Traffic Control Radar
AN/URN-25 TACAN system
AN/UPX-24 Identification Friend Foe Armament: Two Rolling Airframe Missile launchers
Two Sea Sparrow missile launchers
Three 20 mm Phalanx CIWSsystems (LHD 5–8 with two)
Four 25 mm Mk 38 chain guns (LHD 5–8 with three)
Four .50 BMG machine guns Aircraft carried: Actual mix depends on the mission[3]
Standard Complement:
AV-8B Harrier II attack aircraft
AH-1W SuperCobra attack helicopter
12 CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters or 4+ MV-22 Osprey
CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters
3–4 UH-1N Huey helicopters
42 CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters
22+ MV-22 Osprey
Sea Control:
20 AV-8B Harrier II attack aircraft
SH-60F/HH-60H ASW helicopters

More information available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasp-class_amphibious_assault_ship



Main Naval Base Locations


*RNB Wilhelmshaven

RNB Mahon

RNB Tristan da Cunha

*RNB Gibraltar-Algeciras

RNB Den Helder

*RNB Zeebrugge

*RNB Kiel

*RNB Fiji


RNS Rugen

RNS Cartagena

RNS Faroe

RNS Nordholz

RNS Pitcairn

RNS Madeira

RNS Rota


* Signifies Fleet Headquarters






Ground Forces

Size: 618,000

Army: 150,000

Corps: 50,000

Division 25,000


First Army 

I Corps

1st Division

2nd Division 

II Corps

3rd Division

4th Division

III Corps

5th Division

6th Division

Second Army 

IV Corps 

7th Division

8th Division

V Corps 

9th Division

10th Division

VI Corps

11th Division

12th Division

Third Army

VII Corps 

13th Division

14th Division

VIII Corps 

15th Division

16th Division

IX Corps

17th Division

18th Division

Fourth Army

X Corps

19th Division

20th Division

XI Corps

21st Division

22nd Division

XII Corps

23rd Division

24th Division



Special Forces

Size: 18,000


Air Force



Coastal Defense Force



Strategic & Space Force


OOC: Posts are assumed classified to within the Office for Security, unless "Public" has been included at the top of the post. 

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The Office of Security has announced the completion of the RNV Gent, a Maastricht-class corvette. The RNV is expected to undergo sea trials and enter service soon after. Additionally, the Navy has announced the completion of several auxiliary ships, including a minesweeper and hospital ship. 


With the large amount of coastlines and islands currently part of the Northlands, in addition to the importance of sea trade and its ports, the Naval Forces have announced the ongoing construction two new classes of warships, the William IV-Class battlecruiser and Europa-Class amphibious assault ship. Currently one ship in each class are being constructed, with orders for more being negotiated. Construction also continues for ten patrol craft and minesweeper. 

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With tensions rising in neighboring Brandenburg, the Northlands military has elevated its alert status. Some troops have been ordered to support neighboring Brandenburg, but the rest have been mobilized and remain on high alert for possible deployment. 


Unrelated to the current incident, the Office of Security has announced its intention to increase the ground forces to 400,000 total men. All around the country men and women have been submitting applications and are being processed to join the military and undergo training. 




The navy has announced the completion of the RNV Flanders, the fifth frigate in its class. Additionally, the Northlands Naval Forces has launched the RNV VICTORY-class cruiser. The namesake of the class has been completed and successfully concluded its sea trials, and has prepared for immediately deployment to support recent movements to reinforce Brandenburg.

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With the declaration of the new Italian state, troops in Sardinia and Sicily would be immediately withdrawn to Mallorca. They would ensure that the governance and order in their areas were properly running in the vacuum of the Italian collapse.




The increase in size of the ground forces has necessitated the creation of the Third Army, composed of the VII and VIII Corps. The men and armor would be located in the east mainland of the Netherlands, and was put on high alert. 

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"Unreal," Lord Simon Visseren said angrily sitting at his office. He had just been notified by phone of the collapse of Iceland. The Officer of Security was seated at the head of a small table of military officers and advisers who had been called to deal with the situation. "We had just finished a security agreement with them weeks ago and now this. There's seems to be a nasty habit of our allies and friends collapsing in the middle of the night. First Brandenburg, then Italy, now Iceland. Every nation we choose to have closer military ties to vanishes and becomes a liability. What is this madness?"


"Perhaps we should immediately sign a mutual defense agreement with Alvonia, their collapse would solve a lot of problems," an officer said. The rest chuckled before looking at Simon's emotionless face and stopping. 


"It would be funny if it weren't so serious. Things in northern and western Europe have been far too inactive, and Iceland is just the latest result of that. There's hardly any word from Majerus in Scandinavia too. What are our options for Iceland?"


"Well, they were fairly isolated from the rest of the world, barring their agreement with us on the Faroes and the Americans on Greenland. It would make sense to deploy peacekeepers there to dissuade any foreigners from attempting to claim the land. The people have been receptive to self-rule movements in the past, it's possible they will come together and do the same again."


"Very well. Have 3,000 peacekeepers deployed from the Faroes to Iceland for the time being. Provide a supporting role in their affairs, and have them notify us of any movements to form a sovereign nation." 

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Encrypted Dispatch from the Kingdom of Sparta:


The Kingdom of Sparta offers its greetings to the Northlands as well as sympathy in regards to your disputes in Brandenburg with the Alvonians.  You see the Alvonians too seem intent on interfering in our affairs in Southern Italy, where our benevolent overlordship had been protecting local governments before claims of a Naples state encompassing the whole of our protectorate made a 'deal' with the Alvonian Northern Italian Allies to 'give' those Northern Italians our protectorate.


Mind you prior to this there has been no evidence of such a government encompassing all the Southern Penninsula, nor more importantly have they exercised any sovereignty as we've encountered no security forces outside local police whom we've felt best to leave to their own affairs while we kept out foreign military powers.


These sorts of land grabs to us indicate a group with a hard core expansionist bent.  It is our belief that in the North you too feel these pressues.  What Sparta asks is in exchange for friendship, basing rights in the Mediterranean, and political support from Northland, as well as limited support, the Spartan State shall commit to a second front of pressure to deal with Alvonian Aggression and contain it.


Peace through strength is always a best alternative and a strong Spartan Force on you side will act as a deterrent against this adventurism.


We await a favorable response,


King Alexander

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German Border Reinforced


News of rising tensions between Alvonia and eastern Europe were unsurprising but concerning. With the conclusion of hostilities in Germany, the following measures were ordered by the Office of Security for immediate implementation:


The ground forces have been increased to 510,000 active troops. The ground forces have been reorganized with the creation of the Third and Fourth Armies and the Island Defense Forces. The Island Defense Forces operate in the Malta, Madeira, and Baleares states and are tasked with the security of these regions. Due to their geographical isolation from the continental Northlands, these forces are committed to holding off the enemy until appropriate reinforcements arrive. The IDF has been created in large response to the threat posed by Milan during the Brandenburg Conflict and the lack of appropriate Northlands defenses.


The Third Army has been ordered to the Free German Protectorate - Alvonia border, ensuring it is adequately manned. Barbed wire and concrete fortifications are being constructed along its length, along with minefields and barracks and other fortifications. Roads and bridges near the border are being set with explosives for quick demolition to slow any foreseeable advance. Bunkers are being constructed to house artillery and anti-air defenses being moved to the border.


The Office of Security has ordered the construction of a military base on Rugen. The majority of citizens on the island would not be affected, and those that were would be paid for being displaced. The base would include a naval installation as well as small airfield. While not a major naval base, Rugen would allow for more comprehensive coverage of operations in the Baltic Sea. Due to its location the island itself would be extremely well defended, essentially a fortress. The Northlands would keep its side of the Rugen Bridge open, however there would be extensive security measures in place at a checkpoint at the bridge. 


[1/7: Rugen]

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Troops Moving to Great Britain


The fall of the United Kingdom was unexpected, but the Northlands moved quickly to secure the island. A quick response force of 2,000 soldiers would be sent to occupy London and the major cities in England and Scotland. An infantry division would quickly be shuttled across the channel to reinforce these men in a peacekeeping role on the island.

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Secure Communication to the Northlands Government


To whom it may concern,


HRH King Frederik requests a meeting with a Northlands representative at the earliest convenience to discuss matters of a mutually beneficial nature.



Foreign Affairs Office




Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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Focus on Germany Continues


With the resurrection of the United Kingdom, the Northlands soldiers would immediately be recalled from Great Britain. It was hoped that this nation would last longer and be more active than the previous incarnation. 


Control over Rugen was consolidated quickly. Military engineers and other crew from the Northlands had arrived and were working fervently to construct the defenses and facilities for the island. Anti-air defenses included multiple THAAD, Patriot, and Avenger systems which had been brought to the island in light of recent nuclear launches. Officially, Rugen was part of the Mecklenburg state, which included non-Alvonian controlled areas including Schwerin. 


One positive effect of the Milanese nuclear attack was the dispersion of protesters from Schwerin and Rostock city squares. With the threat of conflict in the region the citizens were less concerned with past grievances as survival in an increasingly tough neighborhood. Northlandic forces in the area would use this opportunity to consolidate rule in this region as well. Civilians would be provided with supplies in case of nuclear attack and ordered to remain vigilant and indoors.

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Aid to Iceland


The Northlands has assembled a humanitarian response to the recent nuclear attack on Iceland by the Milanese regime. Tons of aid in the form of food, water, and medicinal supplies are being shipped directly to Iceland to help those affected. The Navy has ordered two military supply vessels to assist in the operation. Additionally, 100 men from NBC response teams have been dispatched to assist Icelandic authorities in treating radiation exposure and decontaminating the environment. "We're in this together," a Red Rhombus official was quoted as saying at a local food drive to support victims in Iceland. The Red Rhombus emergency and disaster relief organization has launched a nation wide campaign to contribute money and goods alongside official government aid. 


The Rugen Fortress


The port of Sassnitz is undergoing dredging to deepen its waters. Naval Base Sassnitz is being built so as to minimize any impact to Jasmund National Park while the military barracks and airfield continue to be constructed at a rapid pace. With the uncertainty as to who is in charge of the mainland across from the Strelasund have lead to the temporary closing of the Rugen Bridge by authorities. 


Mecklenburg remains under direct Northlandic control. Services are being administered as part of the Office of Free German Protectorate Affairs, with Schwerin serving as administrative headquarters. Ferry services between Rugen and Wismar are being set up to allow for access between the two regions. 

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Troops Moving to Great Britain

The fall of the United Kingdom was unexpected, but the Northlands moved quickly to secure the island. A quick response force of 2,000 soldiers would be sent to occupy London and the major cities in England and Scotland. An infantry division would quickly be shuttled across the channel to reinforce these men in a peacekeeping role on the island.

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Saxony Withdraws from Germany


The notice that Saxony hadn't collapsed, but was preparing to relocate its armed forces to Iceland, was perplexing to say the least. Fortunately, the Saxon government had provided advanced notice of the situation, and the Northlands was prepared to seamlessly assume administration of the former Saxony lands. The Fourth Army would be temporarily assigned to Germany proper to ensure no unrest as the transition occurred. 


A public notice would be sent out declaring the former Saxon lands a protectorate of the Northlands once more.

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Northlands Stays in Iceland


The decision to remove peacekeepers and Northlandic officials from the island was suddenly reversed with notification the island was to be abandoned. With Saxony forces leaving, Iceland would revert to a Northlands protectorate and efforts towards nuclear cleanup and disaster relief would continue.

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Naval Forces Overhaul and Expansion


The collapse of the previous Icelandic state had at least one positive outcome, as far as the Office of Security was concerned. The fleet of Iceland had remained largely intact, as was evident by their attempted blockade of Sverige. While the Northlands had publicly focused on the security and safety of those still on the island in the wake of the state's fall, there was a simultaneous effort to secure and refit a large portion of the Icelandic navy. Efforts were ongoing, although so far a large number of ships had been successfully incorporated into the Northlandic navy. 


This was seen as a critical need for the Northlands in light of the island territories it now possessed, in locations as far away as the southern Atlantic and Pacific. A strong navy was crucial to ensure the sovereignty and protection of these locations, and the usage of the Icelandic fleet was a convenient way to overcome this shortage while domestic shipyards continued to develop and construct homegrown ships. 


As of right now, an additional eleven corvettes, eleven frigates, six amphibious assault ships, five battlecruisers, and five cruisers were to be added to the Northlands fleets. Additionally, several destroyers and submarines were undergoing modifications and expected to join the Naval Forces in the near future.


The Naval Forces would be primarily divided into the North Sea, Baltic, Atlantic, and Mediterranean Fleets, with a small naval presence also in the Pacific


Construction Continues on Jan Mayen and Bouvet


Jan Mayen continued to be integrated into the Northlandic military network. The reestablishment of the Northlands protectorate in Iceland increased the urgency for a stronger Northlands presence in the Norwegian Sea. Several SAM batteries have been brought to the island to protect the island fortress already built.


Progress on Bouvet Island was much farther behind because there were no pre-existing bases and the island was relatively remote. Construction continued on several small buildings on the island as the floating harbor neared completion. Several wildlife researchers have been documenting the flora and fauna of the island.

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The Pacific Realm 


The unilateral declaration by Japan to annex large swathes of the Pacific did not go unnoticed by the Northlands. News that Japanese military vessels were moving throughout the region to secure various islands was especially alarming given the Northlands desire to see the area remain peaceful and demilitarized to the extent possible. 


In order to ensure the freedom of the remaining Pacific islands unclaimed by Japan, the Northlands would announce its intent to place New Britain, Niue, unclaimed Tonga, unclaimed Tuvalu, and the remaining Solomon Islands under the Northlandic umbrella of protection. These islands were not to be annexed, but would rather remain protected from the outside influence of others. Several hundred troops would be airlifted from Guadalcanal to New Ireland to establish control over the island to establish an administrative capital in the region. Communications installations would be brought to link the island with the rest of the Northlandic Pacific Realm and government back in Europe. For the time being no weaponry would be brought to the island or anywhere else as a sign of the Northland's commitment to peace and security in the region. 

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Withdrawal from Western Free German Protectorate


Northlandic peacekeepers began withdrawing from the western area of the protectorate after the declaration of existence from Hesse. The majority would be brought bought to Northlands proper, although several thousand would be redeployed to the eastern region of the protectorate, now connected to the Northlands via the state of Mecklenburg. 


Along the border with Alvonia, the peacekeepers would relinquish the border checkpoints and installations as Hessian forces relieved them of duty. The new state would be informed of the current border situation with Alvonia, and at this point it was in their hands as to what they wished to do. Alvonia had respected the terms of the non-aggression pact and the general feeling at the border was one of a relaxed peace, but the Northlanders still remembered the reason for the miles of barbed wire and minefields which separated the two territories. 


Explosions Rock Installation in Pacific


Earlier today the city of Neudublin awoke to several explosions throughout the rapidly growing city. The regional capital is located on New Ireland, which had recently been placed under the Northlandic umbrella of protection. Although several hundred peacekeepers had been deployed initially, in the coming weeks thousands of civilians had made their way to the island. The Globale Handelsgesellschaft Nordlande has been constructing a regional administrative center in addition to barracks and a small military installation. New businesses and buildings had begun cropping up in the town which had been steadily progressing towards the population and status of a city.


At least four explosions had interrupted this peaceful progress. Two city buses had been destroyed, and a bomb simultaneously had been set off in a nearby bank. The largest explosion had occurred by the incomplete GHN headquarters buildings just as construction crews had arrived for the morning shift. The local police have confirmed at least 53 fatalities and the area hospital is currently overflowing with more casualties. As of yet the group and motive behind the attacks is unknown, and the majority of the city remains shut down.


Several thousand peacekeepers are to be deployed to the island immediately, along with dozens of BIO operatives to help find those responsible.  

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"The East Asian Imperium condemns the acts of terrorism in New Ireland, and will pledge ¥10,000,000 to assist in the healthcare costs of those affected. Additionally the hospital ship Māshī will set sail to New Ireland at once, as well as a C-130 with 95 doctors and nurses to assist in medical treatment."

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"We thank the EAI for their support and accept their offer of aid for the affected peoples of New Ireland."


Northlandic Military Mobilized


The Office of Security has ordered the immediate mobilization of the Northlandic Security Forces to a heightened state of readiness. With hostilities already breaking out in the Balkans, the prospect of further conflict breaking out in Europe is not unlikely. Security along the borders of the Northlands has been tightened and constant patrol of Northlandic airspace has been ordered. 


The states of Malta and the Baleares are currently undergoing defensive militarization measures. Aircraft from the continental Northlands would begin reinforcing the already developed forces and materiel present on the island. Shipments of surface to air/sea missiles, anti-missile, and cruise missiles would be sent to the Island Forces already present. Minesweepers attached the Mediterranean Fleet would prepare to mine the coast of the islands should it be deemed necessary. A warning would be sent to all belligerents that Northlandic waters were closed to non-allied military traffic. 


Additionally, two frigates and a destroyer have been temporarily re-assigned from the Pacific to the North Fleet. 

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Northlandic Fleet Deployed


Fortuitously, the British had not had time to implement any large scale changes to the operation of the Northlandic fleet and its vessels were still in prime, combat-ready condition. For the time being the fleets would be stationed in bases in the Azores and Madeira under the direct control of the Northlandic government as it re-emerged onto the world stage. 


The Mediterranean and Atlantic Fleets have been deployed to Malta and are en route to maintain security and peace in the region. 

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Northlandic Fleet deployments to Malta would be intercepted by one of the Romanian frigates that had been stationed at the island, with a request to not intrude into Romanian waters with military ships further.


For the time being the ships had not yet arrived near Malta, and would slow to a halt just outside the territorial waters in the Mediterranean as CAP patrols and surveillance of the region was established. Meanwhile, several squadrons of B1 bombers and F35 escort fighter aircraft would be readied from Minorca and Madeira. A rapid response airborne division was readied for possible deployment into the Mediterranean region. 

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While the Romanian garrison did not expect much of an escalation, they did keep their eyes open and their guard up, setting up anti-air and anti-ship assets, just in case. Meanwhile, upon the sudden arrival of Northlandic assets, the Romanian submarine flotilla would be dispatched, to patrol silently in the waters off Malta.

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(CNRP2) Northlands moves into Hanover


With the collapse of Hanover, the Northlands would deploy several thousand peacekeepers to the German lands to resume protector duties once more. This included Hanover proper, the lands of former Hesse, and the former East German Protectorate Zone. 


(CNRPA) Northlands Reorganizes Navy


The Royal Northlandic Naval Forces was reorganized along with the declaration of the Northlands' reemergence on the world stage. The following ships are currently undergoing sea trials or are under construction at various facilities throughout the nation:


Amphibious Assault Ship: 3

Destroyers: 18

Frigates: 30

Submarines: 30

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