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CNRP2 50k nation vote


should the below people be CNRP2 players?  

45 members have voted

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09:04:38 <+tidybowlman> Mogar
09:04:42 <+tidybowlman> roll the hard six
09:05:01 <+tidybowlman> I hereby empower you to post the voting thread for the over 50k people.
09:05:14 <+tidybowlman> at 66 percent or what not.
09:05:31 <+tidybowlman> You let them onto the map, you can deal with the voting crap.
09:05:41 <+tidybowlman> post this blurb on the thread as proof they are authentic
09:05:52 <+tidybowlman> that being said, I got a <word>, probably shouldn't post this part.


posting in this thread voids your vote, poll closes in 48 hours.

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Analysis of the Vote


Yes, Eva: Kevin KingswellZoot ZootHerenoPresidentDavidRudolphCalifornia,Dillon1102lkfhtJEDCJTAggressivenutmegPongozUbersteinImperator AzenquorMargraveVedranMara LithaenDragonshyRotavele

No, Eva: Markus WildingMogarLynnethEuphaiaxoindotnlerShave N HaircutMrCoffee,jesbroLysergideTidy Bowl ManColoradiaGeneralissimoBringMeTheHorizon


Yes, Horo: Kevin KingswellHerenoPresidentDavidRudolphCaliforniaDillon1102lkfht,JEDCJTAggressivenutmegPongozImperator AzenquorMargraveVedranMara LithaenDragonshyRotavele

No, Horo: Markus WildingZoot ZootMogarLynnethEuphaiaxoindotnlerShave N Haircut,UbersteinMrCoffeejesbroLysergideTidy Bowl ManColoradiaGeneralissimo,BringMeTheHorizon



-2 to Nos: Coloradia and MrCoffee are not nations in CNRP2.


Over 50k Yes: Imperator Azenquor

Over 50k No: Zoot Zoot, Lynneth, xoindotnler, Jesbro




Yes for Eva w/o Non-Nation Holding Voters: 18

No for Eva w/o Non-Nation Holding Voters: 11


Yes for Horo w/o Non-Nation Holding Voters: 16

No for Horo w/o Non-Nation Holding Voters: 13


Yes for Eva W/O 50Kers & NNHV: 17

No for Eva W/O 50Kers & NNHV: 7


Yes for Horo W/O 50Kers & NNHV: 15

No for Horo W/O 50Kers & NNHV: 9

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