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Republic of Indiana


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"Freedom and Liberty!"


Following economic and political turmoil in the United States, several states have left the Union to embrace their own sovereign future, others have merged together. One thing is sure - most have turned away from what they describe as a "tyrannical, ever-encroaching government".


The Republic of Indiana is a merger of the former states of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana coming together for a more prosperous future. It is mostly comprised of self-identified Americans, but scattered about are immigrants of all origins and cultures.





30x A-10 Thunderbolt II (Air Support)


32x B-1 Lancer (Bomber)


270x F-22 Raptor (Fighter)

40x F-35 Lightning II (Fighter)


6x TR-3 Black Manta (Recon)

15x E-767 (AWACS)

24x KC-46 Pegasus (Refueling)

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"We do hereby recognize The Republic of Indiana and open our arms in welcoming to them. We also look to establish embassy in The Republic of Indiana."


- German Chancellor Louisa Zilberschlag

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"Cascadia welcomes Indiana and recognizes your legitimacy as a government. We as well invite you to our capital to partake in discussions."
A crate of beer brewed in Eugene would be sent to the Indiana capital building


Likewise, a keg of your choice will be sent to your chosen administrative building. Our government is open for any discussions you may have.

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"The New Horizon Network welcome you, and I for one look forward to getting to know you, and keeping central America in stable control." - el Presidente


We are more than willing to have a dialogue on how we may aid our brothers down south.

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