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Announcement of Retirement


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Dear CyberNations,

Today, after a long three weeks, now it ends. I have fought through battles, conflicts, wars. I have believed in those who no one else did. Yes, i have made many mistakes in these three weeks, but there is something that i got out of it. I found out what this game is about. It is not about play or fun or anything: It is about growing yourself into a politician. I made mistakes that got me kicked from alliances, pushed from applications, and threatened to war, but i kept going. Below are some people that i want to thank for helping make this all happen. For the first time, i felt alive in the game. I have had 5+ nations before, but i never cared to join the forums, join an alliance, MAKE an alliance. In my mind, my alliances were never a failure: they just were not a success. They did not meet expectations, they did not become anything more than a micro, but i felt like i meant something. And sure, i have done some pretty bad things in these weeks coming to today, but i feel like i could not have changed that. I made mistakes: But the people around me did too. Some believed i did this bad thing, and i thought the same about them. Some did not listen to me, but i never really listened to them.

Please make sure that if you have sent me any aid, please cancel it so i may finish this.

Once again, i want to thank the following-

Auctor: I want to thank Auctor. Although we have had arguments, you stayed beside me.

Hartfw: For trusting me when i needed it most. Thank you.

Baskan: For believing in me during that first real time of need.

Spiral of Silence: First member of the Brotherhood of Kings

Rotavele: For giving me aid when i was truly in need.

ReytheGreat: For being extremely annoying.

 Now for whole alliances:

IRON: For taking our pact offer into consideration

Sengoku: For hosting The German Empire forums

Grand Global Alliance: For much-needed aid

Green Protection Agency: For taking my application into consideration

The German Empire: For kicking me out, then allying me, then getting into a fight, then allies again. Thanks.


Please, I know there are lots more, But those are just the select few.

Now, as i announce my retirement, i want you to know something. I want you to know that i have lied, ignored, and been selfish, and i am sorry to anyone who was involved in any of that. So, with that, i give you, my retirement.


In regards to returning, if you need someone, an experienced person, i will always be here on the forums. But, i need a reason to come out of retirement, and a good one. I am going to work on a forum book that has online contact info for retired members. Please, feel welcome. Years from now, if someone needs help in Great War 10 or something, come to me, and i will help. On rare occasions, i may even come to you.



Best Regards,

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It was destined to happen. They wouldn't leave you alone. I'm sad to see you leave being an active community member and all but this community isn't looking for that. They like to learn the game in depth, and then make fun of those who have questions.

I wish you luck in the future, Knights111.

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Pretty sure ardus didn't even announce his retirement, but alright take care.

1) Who is Ardus?
2) Why do we care?
3) How is he related to knights111?

Edit: If it's the guy that ran MK and had that lizard thing in his avatar, it was pretty much announced when LUE2.0 lost the war and ran out of here with it's tail between it's legs..... again. Edited by Rotavele
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If you leave by choice, I wish you well. If you leave, because you do not see any other option, than I offer my hand in friendship. We are who we choose to be, and we must live with our choices. 


Joseph M. Black

Edited by Joseph Black
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