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A DoE for the SKARO's DALEK EMPIRE...!

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        Well, here we are, people...! Just, Run.... behind the sofa, or where you must...!  The DALEK


EMPIRE is HERE...!!! 



                 *** SUPREME EMPEROR  DALEK  >>>  HDSupreme, Of "DALEK DON"




                 *** COUNSELOR DALEK & Manager >>>> I am nobody, Of "RENNELL ISLAND"



                 *** Master Trader DALEK >>>  General Patton, of "FAITH"


                 *** Deputy Trader DALEK >>>  DANGER, of "CATSLAND" *


                 *** Field Marshall DALEK & Manager >>>  THANATOS, Of "DARKON"


                 *** Deputy Field Marshall DALEK >>>>>  AVENGERS,Of  "AVENGERS"


                 *** BLACK SPHERE's SENATOR >>>>>.  DANGER*, Of "CATSLAND" *


                                  :D      :rolleyes:                         :P :rolleyes:                     :laugh: ;)

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I was just going to ask that. I was getting scared that you had disbanded! HDSupreme, I saw you with the Dalek change, so you obviously are in existence, thankfully!

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          *The Name ...:  It is self explanatory (I hope...!) "SKARO's DALEK EMPIRE" ...  SKARO (CoS) has evolved into a Greatest


Estate or Nature... Soon an Official announcement will be posted...! 


           * My self ... I am still alive and leading the Cult -I mean- the EMPIRE...!  And Hopefully so  for some more Tournaments (ADMIN


allows it)...!  Ah, with the EMPIRE, the Leader's Title changes too... ;)  and some other positions inside the AA.  :frantic:


You'll see it! :D

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