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  1. DevilDog

    TDO Announcement

    You always were good with words Caz and you have done so once again. Not much I can add to the above except to say that it was a hell of a run and it has been a pleasure sharing the job of running the alliance with you these past rounds my friend. I just want all of the TDO members to know that we could not have done it without you guys and your prowess in building and fighting. Salute!!!
  2. DevilDog

    Tag-Team DoW

    As always saying anything about stats or up and down declares does not a bit of good here and makes absolutely no difference in the outcome so lets just fight shall we? Our guys should be more than able to take on this trio and give them the battle they deserve. That being said I will also add that all TDO members have been authorized and even encouraged for the use of "dirty" spy ops against MERCS. http://tournament.cybernations.net/alliance_spies.asp?ID=11 I didn't come on here to cry about it or anything, just to state a fact. Carry on.
  3. DevilDog

    30 Day Round 38

    30 day round 30 mill start up cash 3 day wars Wonders every 3 days Resource change every 3 days 3 day peace period at round start.
  4. I agree with you 100% on this Nick. Scary part is for anyone on both lists when they do their build and collect cycle as that is when they are the most vulnerable to attacks. Which is well shown by your observations and numbers above.   The names could still be published but losing the dollar amounts would be a great idea.   I even usually joke while at war if someone tries the "gather intel" mission on me that they could have saved the money and have just looked at the awards page if they were curious as to my war chest.  :P
  5. DevilDog

    And tonight, we ride to war.

    Speaking for TDO I can assure you that we will not be doing any dirty spy ops guys and girls. That is unless they are used against us first. We have never thought of the threat level op as a dirty one as its effect on collections is minimal. It is used moreso to make the others somewhat easier to get through. We will even refrain from doing any naval blockades whenever possible and judging from the size of the navies almost everyone has this should not be a problem.   I do personally want to thank you guys for not piling on the nations who had a nice back collect coming. Just one of the reasons I respect both of the alliances we are fighting.   Now lets see if we can blow up some pixels and set a new record for the GRL.     HooRah!!
  6. DevilDog

    TDO Rides to War

    Thanks EddyH. We tried to make it as even as possible in every way. What we have over you guys in ANS should balance out in that you guys have us in every other category. Looks like just about all of us could use the xp so lets have some fun shall we?   Not sure if any of you have noticed but there are some of us that didn't even do before update GAs just so we didn't kill your back collects. Fighting a broke opponent is just no fun imo.   \o war
  7. DevilDog

    Round 37?!

    I personally think it would be a great time to do what Kaboom mentioned in the suggestions thread and that is to not announce what the awards will be for this round. Just have them in your head what they will be admin and then let us know after the round is over who won what. Could even tell us like a week or so before the round ends what the awards will be for. Making everyone scramble to try and win them if they are even close to winning any. Good way to make people active as hell in the last week or so of the round and it will all but eliminate the "flag runners".   Good suggestion for the top award would be all rulers with "Devil" in their name. Just throwing that one out there admin. Feel free to use it.  :P
  8. I remember when I saw the above comic at the newsstand. It brought a tear to my eye then and did so again today. We just thought it better to take a round or 2 off than to have a half-assed version of the Mighty Avengers. Hope you guys understand.
  9. DevilDog

    A Citadel Announcement

    Peace has been agreed upon and will happen at tonight's update when the first wars expire. It was a great war and kudos to my opponents as well as Citadel as a whole. Have heard a lot of great things from the guys about their opponents and most have even made some new friends. I truly wish all wars here went so smoothly. Major damage to both sides without all of the hate that has become so common to this game anymore. Not one "dirty" spy op in sight and from what I hear maybe only a couple naval blockades the entire war. I hold nothing but respect to the members of Citadel and their leadership in that regard.   Salute!!
  10. DevilDog

    Create an EPIC round....

    I am with DT that giving away prizes for SE nations is the way to increase the player base here. The more juicier you make the winning prizes the better. Even give the winner some options so it will attract nations of all sizes. ie 5,000 tech or 2,000 infra or a Wonder that everyone will HAVE to have in SE. Throwing in bonuses at certain size stages is a great idea also. Just don't make the sizes too easy to obtain. Making it so they will have to play at least half the round to get there is a good idea imo.
  11. DevilDog

    Avengers Announcement

    My apologies to both Howling Mad and Samwise as it seems I was in err with my above statement. I recognized the names and did not even bother to check that they were no longer War Doves since they had been for so many rounds. My mistake and my bad. Please forgive my assumption.
  12. DevilDog

    Avengers Announcement

    We try to keep the stats as even as possible and then what happens? Couple War Doves nations decide to unbalance things a bit and I have to ask......Why? You guys just really felt it necessary to go there? I just don't get it is all.   Oh well.......carry on.
  13. DevilDog

    The Dark Order DoW

    Well said Samwise. You are truly "wise".   But I do think you guys are forgetting something and that is the fact that the TDO nations that did buy the MP and now have nukes could have used that 10 million to be a lot bigger now and collecting way more cash. They stumped their own growth just to have those nukes just to now be asked to leave them sit rusting in their silos. That is a tough call for any alliance leader to make. Trust me as I have been there and it didn't work out well requesting such. At this point I would just hope that the TDO guys use discretion on when and who they use those nukes on.   The way I see it TDO would be having this discussion with just about any alliance they hit since they have the nuclear advantage over all. The guys leading TDO this round seem like a pretty good crew and I just can't see them nuking you guys over and over again until your round is all but over for some of you. Tbh I could see them not nuking those who simply cannot afford to be so and let it be known to them that nukes will most likely finish their round. If the nuke advantage is that much of a hurdle and will indeed all but finish either alliances round then just ask the guys at TDO for an early peace to this war and be done with it. I am all but positive that they would be agreeable to do so as none of them strike me as the "end all" type. Just my 2 cents on the matter is all.   Carry on and good luck to both sides and as a side note Cowboy and Fata1ity were both very understanding to the early end of our war with them. I hope you guys at TDO will be the same if they need to end this war with you. Kind of like the old "whats goes around, comes around" saying here for them then if it indeed does happen. Seems fitting.
  14. Really? I don't know who makes me laugh more, you or DT. We have done some of the biggest up declares in the game and yet you 2 just keep on harping about one damn war.   And you will not be alone Das as I am done with this game also my friend. Thank you for the kind words and know that it has been a pleasure fighting by your side and learning along the way.   I think Samwise said it best when she said that if a game brings more stress than fun then it is time to find a new hobby (or something along those lines).  ;) I can imagine that it is going to put a dent in admin's pocketbook when we all leave huh?
  15. I would have just sent you a pm Nick but since you are posting every message I send to you in here I figured I would cut out the middleman.   You talk about the way I reacted when your guy got caught spying one of our members less than an hour after WarHammer and I got hit with 4 of the exact same spy ops but you don't talk about how you responded to the very first spy op you guys had done to you. 7 hours after my message to you you get hit with the irs op and the first thing you do minutes later is to do the same spy op to an Avengers nation. Was an Avengers nation caught doing any dirty spy ops to any of your nations at that point?   1 spy op mission against 1 Misfits nations and you immediately do the same mission to one of our guys where as we had already had over a half dozen of our nations irs spied down to 23% when your guy was caught less than an hour after the last missions done to us and I am the one who was flying off the handle? Really? And how in the hell are we supposed to know who in your alliance is a veteran member or someone that just joined you guys 10 minutes ago? The names don't help a whole lot since you can change them at will every damn round. Whether he was a veteran member or not of course you are going to boot him from the roster after he gets caught doing one of the worst spy ops you can do to any nation in this game, only worsened by the fact that the nations he hit had not even started to build or even did a single collection yet.   And DT your theory about the missions being done to any nations that were the top nations last round or what not holds absolutely no water as I have gotten messages from every ruler who did not even join the Avengers this round and were not even close to taking any awards or flags and all of them have had their irs spied also. 2 of them even have the CIA and still they were spied multiple times until the mission was a success.   I don't have a clue as to why they spied any members of any other alliances other than the Avengers but then again I only have you saying they did to back up the fact that they were even hit. Not saying they were not hit, just saying that your word means about nothing to me after reading the pages and pages of posts of you bashing the Avengers at every fricking turn. Even when we did some of the biggest up declare wars this game has ever saw you still bashed us.   I will admit that I no longer think that Nick - Kaboom knew about all of this happening since the very beginning of the round and that is a shame as the damage done to he and I's friendship is already done and is most likely beyond repair. That is probably the worst thing that came out of all this when I think back to all the times Nick has stayed at my house and all the things that he, myself and my 2 sons have done together. I can still not fantom why he cannot see like everyone else that DT is the most likely culprit in all of this. That one eludes me.