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Help After War


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The Greater Jedi Order is willing to help nations build back up after this war.  We will sell tech and take care of any nations that do not cease fire when told to.  We only have 2 sets of Masters and Padawans unassigned at the moment, so get your spot now.  This is a public service.  Please respect this service we offer you.

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"Message Me if You Are Interested in Forming an Alliance"


Under no circumstances should anyone who wants to actually succeed in forming an alliance contact buckaroo13.  Also, you formed "Help After War" as an alliance and now you're using the exact same title to refer to a service that GJO is supposedly providing ... well I can't see anyway in which that could be confusing.  


Even claiming that you can take care of a fraction of a fraction of one nation is frankly laughable.

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With an alliance full of sellers? You can't support the down and out when you need their money that they don't have and are coming to you for help in getting money from ...... 


You don't have a trade network of any sort. Your alliance has one existing trade offer. And it's only for 2.5m.

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Can you offer solid 3BR trade circles?


I might join if you do...


we are setting them up now.


Tech first my young padawan.
When dealing with a grandmaster the tech must always be sent first as it would be disrespectful not to.

only to trusted buyers

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I guarantee you I have more money than your entire alliance combined, Buck.
Please go join a larger AA. Do that first. Stay for a while and make close friends. THEN make an AA. 
There are basic essential things all alliances NEED, that you simply dont have. 
If you ever want one of your alliances to actually do ANYTHING worth remembering, please follow that advice.
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