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It appears we got off on the wrong foot...

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              HA...!   SKARO can do it without Alcohol...! LOL!!!  DARN...!!! :lol1: :P :frantic:  :facepalm:


                        Well, enjoy the Banging while still is fresh...! (!?!?!?!) :popcorn:  (And I am NOT Drunk...!)

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Us = Lots

Them = Lots More


We chose an updeclare on both lower and upper tiers.  SUN was 8 days out of war at the earliest declares in the botched updeclare, but we know not to underestimate SUN's smaller tier, and their smaller tier was more active.  Catharsis on the other hand had very little smaller-tier nations, and outnumbered us on the top end.  That said, we have fought well and I'm proud of the NDO.  Peace with SUN has been agreed on; wars expire when they expire, peace offers are optional until the 14/15 update.  TE is War, and SUN is an enjoyable and challenging fight.


We are still awaiting Catharsis' response.  They are a force to be reckoned with - we knew they would be strong and they delivered.  Very enjoyable.

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