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Rise Imperial Imazighen


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OOC: Located in the "Free Land" of North Africa

Matters had become complicated for the fragile regional balance since the critical traderoutes amongst major cities had become plagued with raiders. In reality, these bands now infringing on the locals' routes hailed from a nomadic war-like tribe of Imazighen called the Serom, raised from their youth to become expert killing machines; as was necessary for their survival in a life of constant confrontation with regional warlords. Though it had been centuries, the decendants of the once great culture had not forgotten the legends of the Serom who had gone before. When Serom supplies gathered and stached in caves across the southern portion of the region went up in flames, the starving Serom clans came together at the battle of Tindouf where the local warlord was crushed, his head severed, and the valiant general of the Serom forces proclaimed himself their leader. Spread far and wide working as mercenaries and bounty hunters, when the new leader called, his loyal brothers came. His call was simple: to confront North Africas greatest plague and eliminate the powerful warlords. Amassing an army overnight the Serom planted their forces in the path of major traderoutes, known as the [i]"bloodline"[/i] of the North African unclaimed regions, cutting off the warlords most critical supply lines. They where initially hesitant to engage their most fearsom enemy who was now consolidated into a terrifying force, but after several pleas from the Local Councils the trade crisis could no longer be ignored. Playing cat and mouse with the local media outlets, the warlords began assaulting Serom encampments along major routes. The accepted story was that a contingent had been dispatched to police the trade routes. In reality, a full scale war was brewing with death tolls steadily rising in favor of the Serom.

Serom forces rushed the Warlords' artilary as they had just begun to open fire. Tearing through the hard lines of two of the most powerful warlords, their great armies routed within hours. The collapse of the major regional powers led to a power vacuum throughout the following weeks that decimated the armies of the remaining regional warloards, leaving the authority of the local councils severely diminished without the availability of warriors to enfore it. Victorious, the Serom gave their terms to each local council. As forces pressed on into the region, talk in the Councils veered sharply toward complete surrender to the Serom. Remaining warlords urged caution as the Councils considered the offer, but even they had to agree; the situation was deteriorating ever rapidly; peace was the only hope. Council and Serom diplomats conveined in the city of Tindouf, setting of the first battle and Serom victory of the conflict, to discuss a region-wide union under Serom rule. But even as the talks moved forward, the Serom still had one play to make. Serom forces began to withdraw from trade routes between sympathetic cities causing massive protests throughout others, demanding that an agreement be reached. The calamity was the tipping point for the Councilmen as pressure mounted to reach an agreement with the Serom before bloodshed settled the matter for them. Skazural, leader of the Serom vowed peace and rule of law so long as the councils submit to his new order. A repreive from anarchy and looming famine the local people could not afford to pass up.

Despite unfavourable terms the Treaty of Tindouf was signed. Disenfranchised warlords began withdrawing from the major cities across the region, leaving them to be quickly swallowed up by the new empire. Thus began the unpressidented rise of the Imperial Imazighen, consolidating power over North Africa as thousands and then millions pledged their allegience to the new order and the man requested to perform the daunting task of leading the Empire, its Serom emperor, High Vizier Skazural. The shadow of war cast across the North of Africa has been swept away by forces now transitioned into a professional force under a powerful leadership.
[i]"A new age now dawns its light across the many faces of the Empire."[/i] Skazural proclaimed as he concluded an elaborate victory ceremony was held in his honor, as the public face of the order welcomed peace.


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[quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1326560455' post='2899453']
OOC: MANADALORE! :awesome:

IC: The Horde welcomes this new nation and invites them to engage in a constructive dialogue with us.

OOC: :awesome:

The Empire would be pleased to formalize dialogue between itself and a worthy power such as The Horde. Your strength and grandeur are admirable. We request an embassy exchange.

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