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Gallifrey sets diplomatic foothold in South America

Isaac MatthewII

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With the Grand Princess on a diplomatic visit, the Vice-Prince de Vicidalia and Comte de Marguarite took over. as he was not allowed to do much without the Grand Princess, he awaited her return, as someone had to strengthen the ties to the other South Americans. But sadly it didn't seem as if Louise would return soon...

OOC: Are you really only asking republics? Or all countries?

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[quote name='Isaac MatthewII' timestamp='1322960067' post='2861163']
The location has been decided it will be held in the Gallifreyan capital of Citadel
"I will most certainly attend."

And indeed, soon enough, a modified passenger airplane made its approach to Gallifrey's capital, Citadel, requesting landing clearance and confirming that it was carrying the Second Speaker on board.
After clearance was granted, it would land, a limousine emerging from its belly shortly after the landing to deliver Alexander Leclerc to the location of the summit.

[quote name='ishabad' timestamp='1322960287' post='2861166']
is it only south america
OOC: Seeing as only SAmerican nations would have received the message, you couldn't even know about this summit.

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