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  1. If anyone was curious: VI. Rolling Velocity A. Any signatory or member of an alliance that has signed this treaty is eligible to declare war and conduct attacks on VelocityVIP of Galcorian Republic (hereby referred to as Velocity), as long as war is declared on the third Tuesday of any given month. A. Velocity may conduct attacks in retaliation, with the exceptions of the usage of nuclear weapons and spies on both sides. B. Velocity may not declare wars on any nation as retaliation for wars declared on him as a result of this clause.
  2. I assume that the FA offers are considered to be in effect right now; this is the case if they were offered less than 10 days ago. You have to finish out those ten days before you can delete. Also, don't delete; I'm looking at your nation and really you're at most 1-2M in debt. Nothing that can't be fixed with a round of tech dealing. Go join an actual alliance and learn the ropes (or try to become a protectorate with one of them); it will help you enormously.
  3. Hi people. Shameless plug here. I've created a suggestions post here for some low-cost high-reward stuff that admin could do. A bump & 5 stars would be great -- hopefully it gets acted on in some regard!
  4. Sorry, let me get this one straight. DBDC knowingly supported a member who was aiding a rogue? Since when has this not been a CB?
  5. Wooo, finally got this one done. Kapleo, thank you so much for everything you've done for Sellswords, and here's to several more years of the same!
  6. It's totally not like my sidebar says something different...
  7. Is KNB-COBRA even deserving of a wiki page? IMO it's a bit on the small side, particularly with regards to the former alliance's size and reputation.
  8. Hah, implying that I have any coding abilities. Although some of my ideas (which I should probably post in the suggestions tab at some point) aren't too hard to do, tbf.
  9. Don't worry, I would've found them anyways like i did with the data dumps RV, I am just 50 ranks out of your range. Do you really want to test fate like this? 😛
  10. Why are you calling me out like this? It's been a whole hour since I last read the wiki!
  11. Yikes -- I can imagine how frustrating that must be. You sure you don't have any nations that you logged in to after 1/14/2014? Even if you have to sell off a bunch of stuff because of inactivity mode, it's still gotta be worth it.
  12. Heya there 🙂 -- great read as always, even if it's criticizing the bloc I'm in. Told myself that I'd respond to this post back when it was first posted but never got around to it, so here goes (speaking as an individual, not as a representative of an alliance, just btw): "Activity is not politics." <-- it sure is better than inactivity, though, something that has plagued the majority of alliances in modern Cyber Nations and whom seem to be in no hurry getting out of. And, frankly, why are we acting like Cobrasphere isn't producing politics? Just because it's not the type of politics th
  13. Woryand


    2559. It's going back up ignore that this is literally just over the past 12 hours and is in no way indicative of any trends whatsoever
  14. Nope, this is Junka (the ISX guy). Methrage/Noctis is actually banned from CN, if I recall correctly, but I have no idea what for.
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