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  1. To all 14 people that have viewed my post: let me know if you want me to try to start posting on a regular schedule (I can usually churn out a non-zero amount of this low-quality content even if given a time requirement). Also, please do comment -- quarantine's still going on here, and the boredom is real (evidenced by the fact I'm playing CN :P)
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    Doubt it -- there's probably going to be some uplift/slowing down of the trend. After all, isn't "CN is going to shut down in two years" the biggest pastime on planet Bob?
  3. Heya! It's Wory again, apparently looking to spam the blog front page with meaningless drivel that is probably significantly less important than the mod stuff (although, tbf, y'all've had over 40 aid cycles worth of time to read them, that's plenty lol). I'll hopefully make up for it in quantity, though. History: I, um, spent like an hour one day reading that stuff and haven't gotten back around to reading more. Someone please yell at me to keep going and learn about stuff that happened after 2006 Various questions/updates/whatever about game mechanics: Trades: 1. Is temp-trading still a thing that people do? I've temp-traded exactly once in my life, and that was to get Lead for Munitions Factories. Wondering if others have more experience with it (seems to have been a big thing historically) 2. I know that Kevin's been inactive for five years (I'll pretend he hasn't, though; more fun to dream that he'll come back one day because of coronavirus or something), but I've been thinking about balance changes. Some of my better (imo) ones: -Rubber is now required for construction (because tires). Also required for asphalt now, but who cares about asphalt lol -Furs is now +$6 income rather than +$3.50 income; this puts it in line with wine and silver, and makes it much more viable in econ tc's -Steel's bonus is increased from -2% infra cost to -5% infra cost, to increase the viability of coal for smaller nations. -Affluent population's bonuses are dramatically increased: something like +15% citizens, +$5 cit income, +2 happiness or something similarly ridiculous. This might just help big nations, though. -Microchips' tech bonus is dramatically increased to something like -20% tech cost reduction; give oil and lead uses! 3. I've been playing around with the trades resource tool far too much (it's fun!). Does anyone have recommendations on stuff to try out with it? Wonders: We need to increase the wonder timer, to help with nn catchup (i swear i'm not biased due to my nation being under two years old). Maybe decrease it to 14 days, or something -- the one downside is that this might disproportionately help bigger alliances able to flow constant aid; as such, another doubling of aid slot capacity might be order). On the other end of the spectrum, we need to have a few more wonders for huge nations. After constructing some hugely broken ones, here's my proposals: Great Golden Temple. $2,000,000,000. +2 happiness. Is displayed as a golden buddha icon next to your list of wonders. Great Platinum Temple. $20,000,000,000. +3 happiness. Is displayed as a platinum buddha icon next to your list of wonders. These are almost purely cosmetic; however, the fact that you can literally see the buddhae next to the list of wonders should make them enticing for nations in whale-tier. Events: Say it with me, y'all: WE. NEED. MORE. POSITIVE. EVENTS. Stop making "positive events" a bigger joke than having a DEFCON that's not 1 or 5 please. DEFCON: Speaking of DEFCON, I remember seeing a proposal from a while back that you could only change your DEFCON by 1 per day. That actually seemed quite interesting -- it'd be fun to have it added (make DEFCON something that you actually have to tweak around). Anyways, I'm sure that there's a bunch more stuff, but I've been writing for half an hour or something (admittedly while multitasking) and I'm a bit tired. See you all soon -- I'll be sure to update this semi-regularly.
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    Ooh, that's a page I've never seen before. Looks like something that'd be very useful -- thanks!
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    Hello! I'm Woryand, and I've been playing CyberNations for a year and a half or so in IRON, NPO, and most recently Sellswords. I've recently gotten unhealthily obsessed with this game, so I decided to create this blog to occasionally comment on a bunch of random stuff I've been thinking about (probably better than spamming up my friends' dm's about them, anyways), which will probably be mostly related to CN but maybe a bit of other stuff too. Doesn't seem like any players have created any blogs in nearly two years, so I don't expect anyone to see this, but please do comment if you do -- wouldn't mind some new method to procrastinate on stuff. Also, uh, does anyone have any recommendations for learning more about CyberNations' history? I've tried looking on the wiki, but there's just so much and I don't know where to begin...
  6. Thoughts: 1. Ditch the tanks & aircraft, you won't need them 2. Join an alliance (which you seem to have already done, if I'm looking at the right nation). Normally they'll have some forum and/or discord offsites you'll need to join to become a full member -- join those too 3. Figure out how to tech deal (your alliance will usually help you with that, although you can ask bigger nations/find guides online if they don't) -- it'll make you a *ton* of money
  7. Thank you! Slight problem now, though; the sum of my infrastructure/technology strengths is 38, which does not equal my total strength of 37.
  8. For some reason, on the alliance strength chart of CN Premier (my one-man alliance), it claims that I have 20 strength from infrastructure, 18 strength from technology, and -1 strength from military. The last one of these is obviously impossible (I "only" have 0 military) -- is there any chance that you could check this out?
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    2,965, wow. Can we get above 3,000?
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