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  1. If you are ok with being with weaker nations such as me, I suggest joining the Northern Alliance.
  2. I am selling 100 tech for 5 million dollars in the Tournament. Does anyone want to buy this?
  3. I am confused. The game states, "13.00 - Nation is in the grips of an environmental apocalypse. GRL: 10.00" for my nation, but just a few days ago it said that my environment was great. I have done not much these last few days, except collecting taxes, and the occasional buying of infrastructure as well as tech. On the wiki page, I have done most of the things meant to improve your environment, but my environment is still at a zero. I don't have any coal, uranium, or oil as connected resources either, so I was wondering if this was a glitch, or it was just my mismanagement. If it is not a glit
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I will consider not destroying my nation, since I am in some diplomatic offers as of now. I also will start tech trading soon...thanks for the advice!
  5. Why can't I just delete my account? I messed up, declaring war on a slightly more powerful nation, and losing to cruise missiles, which I do not have. I would like to start over, and learned that you can press Delete Nation Form under Edit My Nation. However, when I press this link, it does not allow me to delete - it shows this: Your nation has active foreign aid offers and cannot be deleted at this time. You must cancel your foreign aid offers or wait until they auto expire after 10 days of the foreign aid offer date. View your Foreign Aid screen for more details.
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