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  1. I might add that your attempt to get attention is pathetic
  2. This is easily one of the worst posts Ive seen
  3. Confocal

    Cybernations 2.0?

  4. Confocal

    A question for college/university students

    You'll be fine bro
  5. Confocal

    SwC is having a party and you're invited!

    Congrats guys, well earned
  6. Confocal

    20/M/DK looking for a good time, maybe more

    I didn't read a word of this it looked pretty long
  7. Confocal

    Alliance War Resignations/Surrenders

    Hello I am hereby surrendering to GPA but I hope they have the decency to send money to my country like the United States did to Germany with the Marshall Plan
  8. Confocal

    Tips on starting an alliance?

    Hey I'm from Kashmir. I am a diplomat so you should make an embassy here. Nice to meet you.   -Confocal
  9. Confocal

    Ramblings from the Imperial Rocking Chair

    This is one of the more annoying posts I've read I think. But the grammar and syntax was pretty appealing and I like the use of language in it too.
  10. Confocal

    What alliance should one join

    Don't join GPA they are easily one of the worst alliances on CN if not the worst.
  11. Confocal

    aNiMaLz Recognizes TCA War

    Down with the animalz