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  1. Eljierro

    Another dow from your favs

    Al Bundy, let me nuke you in peace.
  2. Eljierro

    Alpha Wolves: Winter has Come

    I love you guys.
  3. Eljierro

    Imperium Recognition of War

    Guys, don't hog the popcorn, please.
  4. That's cute. You will fight him soon.
  5. You sir, are correct.
  6. Hahahahahaha. And what about the other guy? At least he's not trying to spy nukes protected by the HNMS. I'm the only nation GhostRider is fighting right now.
  7. Polaris wasn't bad. The MHA guys with 20K infra and 5K tech are funnier. My favorite war (which I am losing) was (is) against GhostRider. 10K more infra and 1K more tech and he's still there, not destroying the only nation he's fighting. Wait, he has less tech now after this nuke. Stop trying to spy my nukes! I have four and the HNMS protects them! How are you an MHA legend?
  8. Did we forget about you too?
  9. That's why we abandoned you guys. Our protectorate agreement with Alpha Wolves made us forget we even had one with you in the first place.
  10. It's been a while. It's the Dos Equis reunion we've all been waiting for! God bless Sparta and no place else.
  11. Yeah, Polaris needs all the help they can get. I'm not saying we could destroy Polaris 1-on-1 but this clearly states it.
  12. Eljierro

    Joint DOW

    Misleading title is misleading.
  13. Eljierro

    Spartan Treaty Upgrade

    Spartans, let's do this.
  14. Eljierro

    Sanctioned Alliance Images

    Are we still waiting for Ghux's pip to win at the Spartan polls?