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  1. Put another way: With the forces arrayed against us, there is really no excuse for why your side is not forcing me to fight defensive wars. I've fought exactly 1 defensive war since the start of this conflict.
  2. I'd just like to happily state that like the earlier "bible-based" views on so-called miscegenation, this viewpoint is slowly dying out as people come into contact with gay people and find out that really, they're just like us.
  3. Schattenmann: when you call out individual alliances or blocs and in general make obviously false statements about them in your argument, it doesn't make sense to later claim, "That wasn't the point!" when someone reminds you that you were lying. If you want people to stay focused on the point of your argument, you should try maybe telling the truth through the whole thing.
  4. I had something typed here but I think I'll just say what instead. what
  5. I have no reason to remain "loyal" to someone who is devaluing my greatest investment, nor is this person a friend or peer of mine. My friends and peers are the ones working their butts off together and separately to learn the material required to pass the test. We're the ones working through the homework and asking each other questions about difficult problems. The cheater is a parasite who is taking credit for work that was never done.
  6. Sorry, the mathematician in me won't let me let this go. It's -ln(2), not ln(-2). Logarithms of negative numbers are complex.
  7. It's not my business if someone out there is taking actions that directly affect the value of the degree I expect to hold? I strongly disagree. We've all had times when we didn't study as much as we wanted. I took the grade I deserved and moved on. Finally, the idea that getting a degree is only about learning things in your major has 2500 years of precedent against it, and I don't know of any reputable school that subscribes to such a nearsighted view of education.
  8. Yes, and you'll get a worthless degree if you go to a non-accredited school (unless it's a degree in religion), same as the "degrees" you can order based on your "life experiences" online. As for me, I expect my doctors to have passed their MCAT and my lawyers to have passed the state bar exam, and I wouldn't consider cheating on these exams to be in any way "just as valuable" as learning the skills their certifying organizations expect them to have.
  9. Yes, there are such rules, actually. That's why college programs are accredited.
  10. Age of majority here is 18, which is also the starting age for our universities. But I agree with you here, the proper response to cheating isn't to humiliate the student; it's to initiate academic dishonesty procedures which at my school ended with expulsion. This student got lucky.
  11. Alterego, this is a university course and the student is an adult. It may help to read the whole story before commenting on it.
  12. I wonder, Methrage, can you really be so dense as to not understand the fact that when a university tells an employer that a graduate has certain skills that they do not possess (in the form of a degree), that there is no net harm to anyone other than the cheater? Do you believe that it is fine in society if we have future doctors, engineers, and architects that lack the knowledge that their professional organizations say that they should have?
  13. Oh, so this is another tech raiding argument when it comes down to it. Sorry, we've had enough of those before.
  14. If you like what Hidraca has posted, you're free to register on our boards and see what the mercy board is like for yourself. We keep all our negotiations in public. Even the ones where we weren't able to reach a successful resolution are still up. You don't have to "trust us"; you're welcome to come see for yourselves.
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