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  1. #36: needs to be updated to account for: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/28-read-moderation-announcements/?p=3157084 #37: days before inactivity needs to be corrected based on: http://www.cybernations.net/about_topics.asp#Inactivity_Mode
  2. The requested URL /uploads//sml_gallery_30970_15_6706.png was not found on this server.
  3. thanks Gopher for all your work on this edition of Survivor. hopefully it won't be the last time that WTF reaches the podium ... also kudos to our opponents: we pulled out a squeaker over NPO for 3rd place, but it was nice to see MI6 avenge our loss to IRON in the semi.final. the final quarter of both games was action-packed !!
  4. last time i voted PC was for Joe Clark when he ran against the Reform party in cowtown. i vote based on the local candidate more than the head of the party. the head of the party is very unlikely to return your call / email.
  5. hmm ... i have not bothered looking at the official world cup logo ... but does anyone else thinks that looks like a facepalm ?? ;)
  6. yeesh. at this rate ... WTF is liable to pass 60 score before IRON finally overtakes GPA ... whoda thunkit ?
  7. Posted Yesterday, 04:59 PM TurnipCruncher, on 08 Apr 2014 - 1:07 PM, said: the ignorance displayed in these 2 posts is stunning. and i am in frigging saskatchewan. be glad that the First Nations did not treat the first European settlers the way that you suggest that those in New France should have been treated. since that one battle on the Plains of Abraham, the existence of Quebec within Canada has been an example upheld internationally of how minority rights can still be maintained with strength, without undermining the majority culture. oh, and the next Canadian prim
  8. since you have everything centered already ... wouldn't this work ?
  9. aye ... we are happy with the new alliance membership features. we might even try for sanction now ! oh ... wait a minute ...
  10. did anyone else think of uudecode when they saw that ? ah ... the good old days when the 'internet' was not just the web ...
  11. [quote name='Lorikz Kain' timestamp='1353225233' post='3054086'] One was from IRON. [/quote] wow, they gave up on IRON overtaking GPA for the #1 spot ? will they move back if/when IRON does the dirty (sometime in 2013 methinks ... a year after gopher's original prediction ??)
  12. [b][/b][quote name='jerdge' timestamp='1348439934' post='3033434'] Uhm, IRON is moving near again... Time to engineer a new war! [/quote] i think they have recognized the pattern ... hence their relative lack of forward momentum since surpassing WTF. as long as they ignore GPA, they are already on top of the world !
  13. [quote name='jerdge' timestamp='1345765735' post='3024651'] They're graciously allowing you a chance to get ahead of them again. Hurry up! [/quote] pfff ... they can have our 25-day ghosts.
  14. [quote name='BamaBuc' timestamp='1345661675' post='3024346'] I spy something big and green up ahead... Hello GPA! -Bama [/quote] i like how IRON charged ahead of WTF, but now that they are in their rightful #2 spot, they've eased off the gas pedal
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