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  1. Yes, you can turn it off, there is a switch on the side of the headset. When G35 surround sound is switched off, the headset functions as a standard stereo headset. The headset also performs as a stereo headset if you don't install the logitech drivers.
  2. Used the Logitech G930, lasted 3.5 years and only broke because of myself not the quality of the headset. Currently have been using Razer BlackShark 2.0. (Worked for 10 months thus far) Both headset have been great for outside noise reduction and overall sound quality.
  3. Just a side note this guy is from Umbrella
  4. Thanks for the statistics, good work as normal
  5. I support this post, play a real game Tom Riddle.
  6. That's not what Cloud is seeing as you must have access to the internet to access the Cloud without an ISP you wouldn't be able to contact the Cloud server. Just a heads up, essentially cloud gaming means you'll have to maintain an internet connection in order to play any game on the cloud server. Much like Diablo III, Starcraft II, Path of Exile and any MMO, when your internet is out of the servers are down you are just out of luck. The only difference between those games and the Cloud is your local resources aren't used to run the games. This means much more bandwidth for daily consumption as well as latency issues when playing solo since the content must be streamed to your TV/Monitor from the cloud server. Not the correct direction for any gaming company to go. While online game purchasing is a step in the correct direction if anything goes to cloud gaming that isn't multi-player you are doing it incorrectly. Is there any better business model than having complete control over distribution, Apple led the way and everyone's following. Fun fact: Did you know consoles are PCs, they just happen to have Operating Systems built specifically for the hardware. Which means anything your console can do your PC can do as well, only thing is your PCs aren't limited to the distribution means of one company.
  7. What pre-built gaming PC has 32GBs of RAM, please send me a link cause the only desktop that I would use that much RAM on isn't a gaming PC.
  8. Not true, I bought the Dreamcast to play it online. You do know you can hook a PC up to your TV right?
  9. Not what I'm implying in my statement, I'm implying the older you get the more you lean away from console gaming as you expand your horizons. Sure consoles like the NES, N64, Genesis, Dreamcast and so forth have a place in my childhood memory however I've strayed away from console gaming almost completely since college aside from major titles that I enjoyed from high school that I purchase once they are on sale. PC gaming is just more convenient and offers more than console gaming as well as better options with the modding communities developing endless content for you to pursue. Everything offered in this blog is misleading and at best described from the authors limited ability to do anything with software. If you really want to see the direction in which the gaming community is heading without waiting on the lacking capabilities of consoles you have to be a PC gamer. There is no way around this since everything used in a console is outdated before the console is even released. Facts are every household that has a console also has at least one PC if not more. The additional facts is the money you spent on your computer plus your console could build you a gaming PC of decent quality capable of performing graphics at high quality. So why someone would limit their PC which has more options than a console is mindbogglingly which can only mean the person spending the money is ignorant of what is actually out there.
  10. Console gaming dies with age and knowledge, you clearly aren't at the point seeing as you don't know what you are talking about. Have fun with your out of date hardware and limited communities.
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