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  1. I have a data-point of 19 june 2007 : 38283 nations.
  2. And one significantly older than yours :D aaaah Doitzel, something tells me he will grace our world with another presence someday.
  3. As much as I'd like that to be true, I am just old enough to have my seniority set as my nation age (yes thats old!) Zhakrin is the first inline I believe
  4. Well, I don't drink a drop of alcohol, I am unsure about all you fellows. And I believe drinking "large quantities of intoxicating beverages" won't make this any more reasonable, guess its a good thing Hime wasn't in our notariat room during the selling, doubt reason was to be found there regardless of stomach and blood content. :D
  5. I take full blame for this thread as my middle man actions led to this. You didn't read the conversation that led up to this I assume :D
  6. I approve may he use the sound straws forever and ever
  7. Peace terms: 5 pictures of Ariana without make-up Consequence: endless war.
  8. Is this an attempt at sweettalking me? Don't make me open your forums again...
  9. Its why I keep it, never had another one. Not that I post alot here anyway :D bad at everything o/ the dancing avatar, offcourse :D
  10. Lessons learned: CN people are cruel CN people are misinformed from upper echelons CN people are whiners Lesson not learned: CN people let it go
  11. How dare you lot forget SM, clearly you people were never invited to her parties And an anciant welsh also strikes my thoughts, thou less globally known I am sure. Hi Doitzel
  12. Clearly our Mr Inculta here desires to proliferate Mr Stukov. It is my humble opinion that Mr Stukov proliferate's his nukes post-haste ON Mr Inculta, for this would mean much "FUN" and "LOLS" to be had. On the other hand, since when is it bad form to goat your adversaries?
  13. You promised me ZI, you only did 1 spy attack Good thing you got back into my range with you rebuying infra to stock up on nukes to attack that Valhalla nation after we left you alone. Can I get invite?
  14. I don't do tea. The forums was anotherold fart, Shan knows more
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