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Day 14: NEW x MW/UCoN




Day 14: NEW declares on MW and UCoN

Winter War 2013 Topics:

Operasi Tikus Mondok (NEW declares on MW and UCoN)

Current Web:


Blue vs. Red ~ Equilibrium Front

Purple vs. Green ~ NPO/NSO - Kaskus Front

* = DBDC


NPL now has a star (Light Blue).

TTK now has the same star (Lime Green).

NG moved so it represents the right defense.

I'll fix the NEW arrows tomorrow, what did I miss today :P



Recommended Comments

Quite the interesting back and forth debate regarding who really declared on who. I think there is a lesson to be learned in this. You can't simply force standards upon another, regardless of how commonly accepted they have become; eventually somebody is likely abandon the status-quo. This is what happened here. The bubble of delusion surrounding some has been popped by the realization you can't control the internal policies of alliances who value their own sovereignty and refuse to be bound by standards favored by another.

It's all rather subjective in nature. In this case, it's up to the opinion of the one making the war web, and nobody else. If you disagree, make your own war web to reflect your own outlook, but consider kicking the habit of trying to force others to conform to your way of thinking.

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Should extend the arrow from coalition > TOP. My OCD sense tingles.

Oh my gosh I totally saw that yesterday and was like "I need to fix that" to myself. I'll do it now.
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