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This Week in CyberNations is happy to announce that AirMe, Triumvir of TLR, will join us live this Thursday @ 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Server. Bloodfury will also join us per usual, and I hope to have some other rotating guests.

Post your questions for AirMe here in this blog, and we'll discuss them during the show. The link to the stream is in the channel topic of #CNIB on Coldfront, or at http://www.cnib-group.com

There is a slight possibility that AirMe will be indisposed due to houseguests, so in order to prevent this, I am offering 100 tech to anyone that kidnaps the houseguests and returns them unharmed at 12 AM Friday.



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Serious question: Why have individual external treaties when you have an MADP bloc, and one the size of C&G? Why not just do specific bloc-to-bloc agreements (of whatever nature) on an as needed basis, if one bloc isn't enough for your goal?

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I should warn you....there are people who are overprotective of said house guests. You should probably intend on asking for more than 100 tech if you intend on kidnapping.

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Not a question for your show, just a general question, is there a way to listen to these after it has been broadcast?

Well, that's a sticky question. Right now they are being recorded, but I haven't got a way to host them. AirMe's old CN Talkshow was hosted on pod-o-matic, so I went there, but the free account limitations in bandwidth and storage mean that I'd be able to post maybe 4 shows and maybe 3 people could listen to them. I'm not playing a free browser game to accumulate monthly hosting bills, so until I can find something else, the short answer is "no, not right now."

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