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The Infection Spreads



The curtain opens to a small apartment with three friends, each drinking a different beverage. Ardus is surfing the web while the others try to decide what to watch on TV. The group has just completed the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory drinking game.

Ardus: Hey, y'all like Star Trek so you'll like this. Apparently the guy who did the voice of Q on Star Trek is the villain in the next season of Ponies.

Widget & NonCNFriend: Really?

Widget: We should watch Star Trek right now. Is it on Netflix?

Ardus: Yes, it is. I'm not actually familiar with Q.

Widget: He's a trickster space god, you'll love it.

Ardus: Sounds good to me.

NonCNFriend: So-and-so will love to hear about this.

Ardus: Trekkie?

NonCNFriend: No, Brony.

Ardus: Ugh.

NonCNFriend: Yeah, I accidentally caused it. I showed him the Starcraft video and...

Ardus: The Starcraft video? You mean the one I showed you? The sync'd up one?

NonCNFriend: Yeah, that one.

Ardus: So... ultimately I'm responsible for this.

NonCNFriend: *trying not to laugh* Yes... you are.

Ardus: Well guys it was nice knowing you.

**Ardus "attempts" to open his 7th story window. However, the apartment is in a sealed building and the window is thus bolted shut.**

Ardus: Goddamnit.

**Laughter ensues at my expense**



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It was a combination of CN people that got me to start watching FiM... so I guess you could call that a half-kill?

I am the greatest monster in the history of humanity.

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