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Random thoughts and musings about CN

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The Infection Spreads

The curtain opens to a small apartment with three friends, each drinking a different beverage. Ardus is surfing the web while the others try to decide what to watch on TV. The group has just completed the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory drinking game. Ardus: Hey, y'all like Star Trek so you'll like this. Apparently the guy who did the voice of Q on Star Trek is the villain in the next season of Ponies. Widget & NonCNFriend: Really? Widget: We should watch Star Trek right now




Back when I was Lord of the Viridian Entente, I made a note of it to bring new faces into the upper-echelons of government. At the time of my ascension, the Entente had always been ruled by the same old guard from near its inception, which caused problems. More than anything, I blamed groupthink for the policies that led us to isolation and annihilation in the Green Civil War. Bilrow may have been responsible for pulling the trigger, but it wouldn't have been possible if not for countless mis



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