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Hey Hawk, haven't seen you in a while




I know, it's been a wild month. I'll sum this up at the beginning for everyone: my computer is fried, so I no longer have any way to be on the podcasts for a little while. This could be anywhere from two weeks to two months, I don't know.

But hawk, you haven't been on the podcast for the last two weeks either!

This is true. Unfortunately I've also been dealing with some other unfortunate business outside of CyberNations. This business has been both time-consuming and mentally exhausting, so my participation in the podcast had to take a hit. AirMe and Stormsend have been filling in my slot with some extremely reputable characters though, so you should all continue to listen.

If not moreso now anyway. Seriously, world players have been on the podcast. Listen.

This is nonsense, hawk; you've been in peace-mode for like the past month! Come out so I can smack your nation around!

Well, initially I jumped into peace-mode to avoid Anarch going rogue-

You coward!

Hey, I was a 25k nation and he was an 60k or so that sold off !@#$ until he could fight me. I heard the train whistle on that one.

Fair enough. Continue.

Yeah, I have been in peace-mode for a while, but hey, CN is secondary. I'll come back to CN full-time when I can get all of these affairs straightened out.

Are you going to quit?


Are you going to leave the NPO?


You should.

Go away.



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Hey, I was a 25k nation and he was an 80k or so that sold off !@#$ until he could fight me. I heard the train whistle on that one.

I didn't have the benefit of advanced warning, but really, outside of his nukes he didn't have much. Granted, his nukes did trim 500 tech and 3K infra, but I started off with a larger warchest than he had. WRC's are scary, but not that scary.

Also, totally beating down another rogue right now. :smug:

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You should mess everyone up by, say, leaving NPO and joining TPF. Then you can say "LOOK I LEFT NPO - HAPPY?" and ...

OK this sounded funnier in my head.

He would never join TPF. I offered 300 million for him and he didn't accept. :mad:

TPF are butthurt over this and if NPO ever comes out of peace mode, we're going to attack them over this. If we ever come out of peace mode. :awesome:

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