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Questions: Christmas Music, Friend or Foe?

Prince Imrahil



My friends and I are pretty divided on this subject. Some of us love Christmas music, some of us hate it.

For myself, there is very little of it that I like, which leads to me not particularly looking forward to this season. Don't get me wrong, there is some really great stuff out there. It just seems that with such a saturation of it, artists try to do too much with it to separate their version from everyone else's and it ends up sounding like crap (this goes for almost every pop artist that has ever put out a Christmas song/album). The good stuff is hard to find.




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I agree that attempts at modern interpretations of Christmas carols usually fail. But I normally listen to Bing Crosby, Gene Autry, Nat King Cole, and the like, so it doesn't bother me. I by and large love Christmas music.

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