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Happy Now?




I got a fanfiction.net account- you'll be able to find me there.

My pen name is Xanadira, and I don't have anything posted yet. I'll tell you here when I post something there, in case you're interested in reading it.

Anyway, to all you fanfic haters- happy now? :smug:



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Yes, we're happy. This is not an anime site, and although I know for you types Anime is literally the only thing that keeps you from offing yourself every day, you don't need to spread anime to every site in the world. Keep your anime !@#$ on your anime site, not on the CN forums. Seriously, it makes no sense.

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Why is bowing to pressure and taking your Naruto fanfic to another site something to be smug about?


Because there, people will appreciate my work. Because there no one can tell me what the $%&@ I can and can't do.

And because my low self-esteem and current state of depression make everything hurt more.


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